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GCHP. Lambluv Gambol on Blue Thunder 2013

9. Docking is very controversial. What are your feelings about OES tails?

what they are feeling. Going over the dog and stopping at the hips and not feeling the hindquarters for a long sweeping second thigh and bend of stifle, down to the low let down hock which is the correct hindquar- ters on an OES. 8. How has this amazing working breed adapted to urban Living? We must remember they were the Drover dog that ambled and paced driving the flock to market. They had to go long distances and preserve energy. We don’t want them to race around the ring. Keeping this in mind, urban living was very easy for me. I walked them to the park at least 4 times a day. I could roadwork them when I showed them. They were easily socialized in the city with people, sounds etc. I find in the country they lay around and sleep a lot. I have to still take them out for a good walk or run.

to make the effort. We are not a breed that you just look at; you must feel with your hands and use your brain.

The OES is the Bobtail. I hope we never have to leave a tail on our OES. We do have a standard. I am not sure how this started in Europe but I don't feel the government should be making all these laws telling us what to do with our dogs pertaining to our breed standards. 10. What is the best way for a judge to learn to look through the coat to see the body within? I think the more judges go over an OES the more they will feel the differences. I think they must ask questions from reputable breeders that have been in the breed a long time. Go to seminars and listen and then apply this knowledge when going over a dog. I don’t expect anyone to understand my breed in the beginning. It is a hard breed to understand but, a judge can learn what is right if they want

11. What was your most exciting win?

My most exciting win was winning the Group 1 at Westminster, not once, but twice. I still remember every thought I had in the group from 1991 and 1998.

12. And, for a bit of spice…what was your funniest experience at a show?

My funniest experience was in the group. I was doing the individual and going around my skirt started to fall down. As it was going down, my legs were bending lower and lower until I was sitting on the floor with my skirt in a heap around me. Thank goodness I wear a slip. The judge never saw this sight and everyone around was laughing hysterically. HAHA!


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