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EDY DYKSTRA-BLUM I live in Ocala, Florida and in real life I own 2 busi- nesses with my husband. I have been in dogs 41 years and showing/ breeding for 40 years. In 2001 I became an AKC licensed judge for Old English Sheepdogs. Over the years, I have judged in any different countries—OES specialties and all breed shows—in the US, Australia, Russia, Germany, Holland, Austria and Denmark. I had the honor of judging OESCA National Specialty in 2015. Today, apart from OES, I am allowed to judge the Herding Group, BIS, JS and 11 Non- Sporting breeds. DALE MEYER

I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Outside of dogs, I do normal stuff, take care of the house, movies, read, workout, attend sporting events and spend time with my family. I started in the dog world in 1974 and I started judging in 1996.


I live in Milford, Michigan. We are right in between East Lansing and Ann Arbor—the Spartans and the Wolverines. My husband and I collect classic cars and enjoy traveling. I have been with Old English Sheepdogs for 45 years—45 years breeding and showing and 30 years judging. SALLY J. CARR I live northwest of Chicago, Illinois. Outside of dogs, I enjoy yard work and going to the gym. I have been in the dog world for 44 years—40 showing and 21 judging. I have owned OES my entire adult life. They are family. I have many friends in other breeds, but the OES community is where I feel most comfortable. I have served on the Board several years in my all breed club, breed club and local OES club. Currently I am President of OESCA. Ours is a labor-intensive breed and as we are aging out there are fewer breeders, fewer dogs and few juniors coming into our breed. The cost of maintaining and showing dogs has gotten to be a sport for those with deep pockets.

I live in Central Wisconsin, a very small village of 800 people. It is a rural commu- nity with a lot of industry and agriculture. I co-own and operate a building supply store and hardware store affiliated with Do It Best. My degree is in Architectural/ Residential design. I grew up with pure- bred dogs, mostly hunting dogs, English Springer Spaniels, German Shorthaired

Pointers, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and Rough Collies. I purchased my first Old English Sheepdog in 1978 and started showing her that fall. I have owned and shown OES for 38 years. I have been judging for 15 years.


I currently reside in Bristow, Virginia. When not at shows, I can be found at a large dental practice where I am the administrator, or at the movies with Charles Olvis. I have been interested in dogs my entire life; my mom dabbled in conformation and obedience with our family’s

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