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2. Did you seek out mentors and did you feel you came away with good concise knowledge of the breed? PBM: I actually started in OES, it was the first breed I showed. I had a multitude of long-time breeders as mentors. MAB: When I acquired my first OES I was fortunate to get my dog from Tammy and Marvin Smith of Tamara Kennel. Tammy and Marvin were the best of mentors. They taught me grooming and conditioning, handling, pedigree analysis, care of a brood bitch and stud dog, breeding and puppy evaluation. This education gave me the foundation to breed sound OES of type, temperament and good health. SC: No, they did not have that program when I started. EDB: My mentor where I bought my first dog (in the UK) also became a very good friend; I have learned a tremen- dous amount from her. DM: The breeders I purchased my dogs from were great mentors. I wrote letters and talked on the phone and set up at the dog shows with my OES breeders and friends and tried to take in everything that they did and said. So yes, I did seek out mentors and took away a lot of knowl- edge from them. I still am learning today. I met my wife in 1984 at an OES National Specialty where we both were showing our dogs. We married in 1986 and together have bred and raised OES under the Wynsilot kennel name. We talk dogs on a daily basis and learn from each as well. EM: I never “sought out” mentors in any breed, but in all my breeds, listened and learned from those I considered the best, and yes, those I consider mentors have given me a knowledge and understanding of their breeds. Of course, you have to be “into dogs” yourself, then it’s easy to learn to appreciate other breeds as well as your own if you are exposed to great dog people. I also think that learning about other breeds makes it easier to better understand your own breed. MO: I was new to the breed when there was a much larger population of OES. In California it was not unusual for significant shows to have OES entries of over 40 class dogs and the same number of class bitches as well as 15-20 Specials. There was also, at the time, a generation of breeders and exhibitors like Mona Berkowitz who were steeped in the history of the breed and were also experienced breeder/exhibitor/judges. I gleaned knowl- edge from several, also reading everything I could find about dog anatomy in general and the OES in particular. I made lifelong friends with others who came into the breed when I did. We hung around the shows, shared what we learned from several “mentors” and each other’s dogs and breeding programs. It was a good foundation for many years of adding to knowledge of the breed through experience and observation, judging, and being an active member and officer of the OES Club of America. CO: Didn’t seek out mentors as such but learned from some of the best through long term relationships, like Joyce Wetzler of Whisperwood OES, and several others along the way who have been in the breed many years, another who comes to mind is Jacque Minges.

Standard Poodle. I started seriously with Siberian Huskies at the age of 19, showing first in obedience and then conforma- tion. Today Charlie and I reside in townhouse in Virginia that we share with our 14-year-old Border Terrier, and spending a lot of time on the road judging other people’s great dogs. Currently I am approved for 6+ groups and hope to soon add the 7th group to my resume so I can catch up to Charlie’s all round status.


I live in Mineral Wells, Texas. I recently retired from own- ing and operating a company specializing in aerial survey, remote sensing and photogrammetric equipment. I am a Past President and still-active member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. I’ve been showing since 1967; I’ve been judging, beginning with matches and sweepstakes, in 1970. CHARLES OLVIS We live in Bristow, Virginia. When not working or judg- ing, I enjoy seeing the latest movies, and also am putting the finishing touches on a show truck that I hope to exhibit a few times. I showed my first Old English Sheepdog in obedience in 1971 and have been exhibiting for 35 years and judging for 25. I have judged all over the US, as well as in several other countries and have had the honor of judging specialties in many breeds. I am a member of several all breed and national clubs and have served in many offices in these organizations. I am also proud to be a founding member of the Penn Ridge Kennel Club Charitable Foundation that contributes annually to various dog-related charities. LARRY STEIN I have been involved with the OES for over 46 years and judging for 30. I live in Mount Holly, New Jersey and profes- sionally am a Medical and Veterinarian Illustrator.

1. Describe the breed in three words. PBM: Compact, square and profusely coated. MAB: Balanced, compact and square. SC: Agile, fun and clever. EDB: Square, thickset and compact. DM: Hairy, clownish and unique. EM: Square, pear and hair. MO: Amiable, intelligent and independent. CO: Square, pear and hair. LS: Compact, thickset and pear-shaped.

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