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and gently arched loin”. Please pay attention to this feature as it is dis- tinctive to the breed. Th e dog will stand higher at the loin than at the withers. (Not a case of more is bet- ter, slightly higher is just fine.) 10. Move your hands over the rump and check for muscular hindquar- ters. Th is includes the thighs. 11. Examine the well let down hocks. 12. Check to see if the dog is pear shaped. Wider at the rump than the shoulders. 13. Run some of the coat between your thumb and fingers and check for correct hard texture with a waterproof undercoat. Please give your full attention to the description of trimming. (Only feet and rear may be trimmed for cleanliness.) 14. Evaluate the gait. When trotting, movement can best be determined if the dog is shown on a loose lead at a moderate speed. Good reach and drive, MAY amble or pace at a slower speed. It is not required

that a dog move around the ring at either an amble or pace.

BIO I began breeding with my mother and Pekes in 1952 and got my first AKC OES in 1963. My love a ff air with dogs

Markings are not to be considered. But, markings may distort your per- ception of the actual dimensions of the dog. Check for practically square by comparing the distance from the point of shoulder to the ischium against that of the withers to the ground. It is impossible to judge this breed correctly without going about it in a businesslike manner of examination to find the key points mentioned above. Please do the breed the honor of not petting the top of the dog and pass- ing judgment based upon the picture it presents. By using your hands correctly you will tell the exhibitors and specta- tors that you found the dog under the coat. Exhibitors do not complain about Judges messing up their grooming but they do complain about not getting an all-over examination so dig deep. Please consider only the dog and not the han- dling ability of the exhibitor.

has lasted over 60 years and shows no signs of ending any time soon. With my daughter I have had well over 100 Champions which were awarded over 275 titles and awards. As a Breeder, Judge, writer and artist I enjoy the whole world of dogs. It has been my good for- tune to have achieved a Breeder of Merit sta- tus. I am currently the President of the Greater Portland OES Club and have been a member of the parent club for OES (OESCA) for over 30 years. I hope that by my endeavors I will be able to inspire others to do the same. As one of the most successful breeders of OES who can do it all, I find that I continue to learn from breeders and exhibitors who begin under my mentorship. Our dogs have enjoyed showing and competing in conformation, obedience, lure coursing, herding and agility. Several were skijoring partners as well as being great dogs for sled pulling during my many years in Alaska. It is an honor to be invited to write this article for “ShowSight Magazine”.

“BY USING YOUR HANDS CORRECTLY you will tell the exhibitors and spectators that you found the dog under the coat.”

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