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people. Classes can be a great opportunity for the family to learn how to teach and correct the dog, too. There are many recognized activities where the Portuguese Water Dog excels. Competitions exist in the areas of obe- dience, agility, conformation and track- ing. Instruction is needed to participate, but classes are conducted through local dog clubs including regional Portu-

guese Water Dog clubs. In addition to AKC sponsored events, the PWD Club of America supports through regional clubs, water trials. Working on Portu- guese fishing boats, the PWD would have been called on to retrieve fishing gear, drag nets through the water, deliv- er items from one boat to the other or even back to shore. Many of these activi- ties are replicated during the water trial

and it is wonderful to watch as the dogs go through each exercise working with their handler and doing what they were bred to do. Portuguese Water Dogs are a formi- dable breed, and if one is in your future you will be rewarded with a loving, loyal companion who will keep you on your toes and will assure that life will be full of surprises and fun. BIO Barbara Belicose has been an active member of both the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and her regional PWD club for over 10 years volunteer- ing her services where needed. She thor- oughly enjoys competing with her 2 Por- tuguese Water Dogs in a variety of venues and has achieved multiple titles in con- formation, agility, obedience, rally and PWD sponsored water trials. When not competing and training her dogs, Barba- ra can be found teaching as an assistant professor of nursing at Southern Maine Community College. BIO Chris Dostie has been involved with the Portuguese Water Dog since 1990 and joined the PWDCA in 1992. The breeding program she shares with her husband has produced many, many champion and performance titled dogs including Best in Show, Specialty win- ning, Masters Agility Champion, Obe- dience Trial Champions and Courier Excellent Water Dogs. They appreciate the true working structure and temperament of the Por- tuguese Water Dog and strive to produce dogs the Portuguese Fishermen would have been proud to have in their boats. Chris works full time as a Veterinary Technician with a specialty in Canine Rehabilitation. She spends most of her spare time training in agility, competi- tive obedience, rally, tracking and the true sport of her heart, Water Trials. Chris is the founder of PWDsNE, a local New England PWD club as well as serv- ing on committees for the national club when called upon. 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& ' &#36"3: t

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