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T he Portuguese Water Dog is a working dog and as such is a very physical being—ath- letic, active, exuberant, and full of energy. He is also highly spirited and extremely intelligent. Combine these characteristics with their extraor- dinary stamina and you have a dog not intended for inexperienced dog own- ers nor for those who desire an unob- trusive companion. If you’re looking for a compliant and calm companion, step away from the Portuguese Water Dog! A Portuguese Water Dog requires a serious commitment from its owner in terms of quality time and a willingness to direct this canine’s energies in a posi- tive direction. Read between the lines here—needs training! Leaving a PWD alone to devise his own form of activ- ity is a way of tempting the creative nature of their temperament and can be spelled simply—destruction. They’re a mouthy breed, they were bred to be such, and will always yearn to have something in their mouth, whether it be acceptably one of their toys or unac- ceptably, the legs of your dining room table. Perpetual motion may be a good descriptive phrase for the PWD. They need supervised activities to chan- nel their need to be doing something at all times and to release their inner playfulness. Supervision, training and lots of patience are required of a PWD owner. Also, throw in a sense of humor as they’ll entertain and amuse with their never-ending antics and forever- puppy playfulness. Being “shadowed” by a Portuguese Water Dog is not unusual. They’re “people dogs” as they crave the com- panionship of their humans and have a 24/7 need to be a focal part of fam- ily life. Forget about having alone time for even the most personal of bodily functions—your “shadow” will have no respect for your personal needs. Leave the room for a minute and the welcome you receive upon returning will be tantamount to your having been gone for a year. Coming home to a PWD

Well-knit body, powerful, thickly based tail. Photo courtesy of H. Krogh.

Spirited, highly intelligent. Photo courtesy of Great Dane Photos

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