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Summary Statement: The Portuguese Water Dog is spirited yet obedient, robust, and of unexaggerated, functional conformation; sure, substantially boned and muscled, and able to do a full day's work in and out of the water. Faults: Any deviation from the described ideal is a fault. However, those inherent characteristics that are imperative for the maintenance of proper type, and therefore cannot be overlooked, are listed as Major Faults. Major Faults : 1. Temperament - Shy, vicious, or unsound behavior. 2. Head - Unimpressive; small in overall size; narrow in topskull; snipey in muzzle. 3. Substance - Light or refined in bone; lacking in muscle. 4. Coat - Sparse; naturally short, close-lying hair, partially or over all; wispy or wiry in texture; brittle; double-coated. 5. Tail - Other than as described. Extremely low set. Heavy or droopy in action. 6. Pigment - Any deviation from described pigmentation; other than black or various tones of brown eye color; pink or partial pigmentation in nose, lips, eyes, or eye rims. 7. Bite - Overshot or undershot.

Approved January 15, 1991 Effective February 27, 1991

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