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KAREN ARENDS 1. Please tell us about your background with the PWD. I have been involved with animals my entire life, begin- ning my show experience in obedience at the age of 11 with a Sheltie, adding GSPs, Poodles and Australian Shepherds once my skills grew. With my husband, Bob, and our family we obtained our first PWD at the begin- ning of 1984 as an obedience prospect, although after being encouraged to show our rare breed—at the time— we quickly found this an exciting and fun family sport. We finished the first lion clip and first wavy PWDs in the West, enjoying the challenge of showing aspects that were seldom seen and often offensive to judges at the time. We began breeding in 1986 under the Seabreeze prefix and watched our dogs do well in conformation,

companion and performance events, as well as our son, Luke Seidlitz, often using a PWD in Junior Showmanship and advancing to take over the handling of our dogs in conformation classes also. I have been judging PWDs since 2002—planning to limit judging to just the one breed, but enjoying the learning experience of being able to closely examine dogs in different areas of the country so much that I have moved on to judge the Hound Group and various other breeds, still enjoying the thrill of view- ing many wonderful dogs and visiting with people from different breeds, areas and interests. 2. In order, name the five most important traits you look for in the ring. Strength/balance (with the same emphasis); purposeful movement with agility; substance without coarseness; attitude.

“I HAVE BEEN JUDGING PWDS SINCE 2002—PLANNING To limiT judging To jusT The one breed, buT enjoying The learning experience of being able To closely examine dogs in differenT areas of The counTry so much ThaT i have moved on To judge The hound group and various oTher breeds, sTill enjoying The Thrill of viewing many wonderful dogs and visiTing wiTh people from differenT breeds, areas and inTeresTs.”

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