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and scuba diving. I have always had a dog and started in obedience and breed competition at age 14. My first obedience titled dog was an Alaskan Malamute, which I also handled to a breed championship in the late 1970s. I obtained my first Portuguese Water Dog in 1989 and completed both a “UD” obedience title and a breed championship—one of the first to do so. I started judging obe- dience in 2001 and became a breed judge five years later.

We recently moved to the town of Burleson, Texas, where we have more spare time and energy not having to deal with acreage. We are trying to slow down in our outside activities, using much of our time with for dogs--four over the age of 12 and needing extra attention. Whenever possible, we spend time with our family in various areas of Missouri and Califor- nia, especially my most adorable grandson, Asher. I officially began my life with dogs in the early 1960s when I joined the newly formed 4-H Dog Care group in California and moved quickly into the world of obedience and soon after working some of the dogs with cattle and training young horses. I began showing in obedience in 1965, while helping a friend in the conformation ring, going into conformation with our first PWD in 1984. I have been judging since 2002 and enjoy having opportunities to learn about and examine dogs closely in various areas of the country. DR. LINDA M. FOWLER


After retirement, I moved from the metro Phoenix area to a small, rural community, Camp Verde, located in the beautiful Verde Val- ley of Arizona. I’ve been involved with Portuguese Water Dogs since 1984, when my first one came to me from New York. I would say that my involvement is pretty complete, in that I have shown in conformation, usually bred-by class, owner-han- dled my dogs to CH and GCH titles.

I live in Columbia, South Carolina. I am presently retired; my career was in nursing and health care adminis- tration. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the sport of pure-bred dogs since 1976—as a breeder and exhibitor in conformation, rally, obedience and water work. I obtained first Portuguese Water Dog (male) in 1986 and a bitch

On the performance side of the picture, I have trained and shown in agility, obedience and water work. Currently, I am training a couple of dogs in Obedience and Rally. My Therapy Dog, Liza and I make regular visits locally. The judging scene is rather limited for me as I am approved for only two breeds, PWDs and Doberman Pinschers. However, I do look forward to judging in Canada this summer at their national PWD spe- cialty and will be pleasantly anticipating judging the first 4-6 puppy class at the PWDCA national specialty in September. 1. Describe the breed in three words. KA: Balanced, strength without coarseness and attitude. LMF: Breed type, strength and substance. DH: Impressive, spirited and marine. JW: Well, I really tried, but describing the PWD in just three words is something I am just not able to do! This breed is much too complex for such a minimal description. They are highly intelligent, somewhat sensitive, can be a trainer’s nightmare or delight and they love to please,

the following year. In 1992, I was fully approved as the first PWD breeder judge and since have been approved to judge all Working breeds, Bearded Collies and Best in Show. It has been my honor to judge our National Specialty on three sepa- rate occasions, as well as a number of other Working breeds in Specialties. DAVID HADDOCK I live in Nashville, Tennessee. When I’m not dogging, I’m making money as an entrepreneur, investing in real estate

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