Showsight Presents The Rhodesian Ridgeback


JOHN ARVIN I have lived in New Jersey since 1984 following my separa- tion from the US Navy. I am now retired after almost 30 years in the civilian nuclear power industry; where my experience as a technical analyst in the Engineering department serves me well in the evaluation canine structure and outline. My first Ridgeback owned me starting in 1985; I started showing in 1986. At my very first dog show the judge placed my dog third, then told me, “He's better than the second place dog but you need to learn how to show him.” My thought was that I showed him well enough that the judge should have placed him second since he clearly saw he was the better dog even with me handling. I think my first match assignment was around year 2000. I obtained my RR license in 2007. I'm now licensed for Whippets and permit for Borzoi and Saluki. I am also a licensed lure-coursing judge in both AKC and ASFA. LOU GUERRERO

We have been breeding and exhibiting Afghans under the GENESIS prefix for 46 years. I was licensed for Afghans & Salukis in 1991. I completed and received my Hound Group as well as Brittanys, Chinese Cresteds, Italian Greyhounds, all Poodle varieties, Juniors and Best in Show in 2010. We’ve always been breeder/owner/handlers of our own dogs and have had many top Afghans over the years and several top producing stud dogs. My judging career has allowed me to travel to Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and Sweden. And I also had the honor to judge most of the Sighthounds at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club. PATTI WIDICK NEALE

My husband Chris and I live on 9 acres in rural north Florida with a lot of Borzoi. In addition to dog activi- ties, I am an avid photographer, ama- teur naturalist, cactus and succulent gardener, shoot in competitive hand- gun sports and build/make/create any number of things with my hands. Borzois have owned me for 42 years. I’ve been showing almost as long, first

We live in Oak Hills, Califor- nia, between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I’m retired from a west coast publishing company where I was Director of their Arts & Crafts divi- sion. I live with my husband Hank Nave of 50 years and we were mar- ried in July 2013 (a very long engage- ment). We enjoy, traveling, and our two very spoiled Afghan bitches: 10 and 5 years old. We no longer breed at home but on occasion may co-breed. I’m currently VP and Show Chairman of the first AKC-approved All Hound Group Club, the Western Hound Asso- ciation of Southern California, known

in obedience and lure coursing, then in conformation as soon as I could identify and acquire an excellent quality bitch. The 100th champion we’ve bred finished this year. After a layoff of two decades, I’ve returned to obedience training with a favorite dog. Judging is a natural progression for a breeder who is constantly evaluating breeding stock and has provided me with challenge and delight for almost 24 years. DEBRA

as “The Hound Classic.” Our events are mid-spring in April with multiple Hound specialties held on Friday, followed by our Hound group shows Saturday and Sunday. Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Club is one of the largest entries of 100+ at our Hound Classic weekend. We are proud of the growth of the Hounds over the years. Every year we have sight and scent sweepstakes groups that are very popu- lar with our exhibitors. We feel we have the cream of the crop with top quality Hounds represented from around the country. It is a very strong Hound group.

THORTON I live in Scottsville, Virginia with four Pumik. Outside of dogs, I work on my non-profit in Mexico. We start- ed Animal Care Association of Mex- ico about 10 years ago. We spay and neuter street dogs while educating

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