Showsight Presents The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Being a territorial breed, he will bark at every dog that approaches HIS terri- tory and note that his territory includes everywhere his eyes can see. Your dinner is no longer safe, unless you lock him out of the dining room during meals—and your microwave has become your bread box. Also, you must follow the rule that all defosting of meat is done in the refrigera- tor. And if allowed to sleep in your bed, be warned that the cute little puppy would one day become an 85-lb. bed hog. Th e Ridgeback is strong-willed, sensi- tive and independent. Th is stems from his ability to hunt independently of human direction; a trait that was very valuable in his native land. By now you are probably wondering why anybody would want to live with a Ridgeback. If you admire the beauty of the breed, and appreciate an independent spirit, the Ridgeback may be for you. Some people mistake the Ridgeback’s headstrong independence for a lack of intelligence; he is, indeed, a very clever dog who is sensitive to his owner’s moods and emotions Th e Ridgeback is a “People Dog” and it wants to be at his owner’s side. He is often called a “VELCRO® dog”—an a ff ectionate dog that needs the human companionship of his owner, yet is quite aloof with strangers. He responds to posi- tive training methods. Harsh treatment does not work with this breed. Th is is a Hound and he possesses many of the typi- cal Hound characteristics. Th e Ridgeback has a quiet, gentle tem- perament, rarely barking. He enjoys spend- ing the day with his owner, lounging in front of the fire or curled up in the corner. However, when alerted and in action, he can quickly become a graceful and power- ful hunter or guard dog. As a guard dog, he is very protective of his family, and every bit as intimidating as dogs that are known to be fierce watchdogs. He tends to bond with one person, how- ever will extend his a ff ection to other lov- ing and caring family members who treat him well. He will be devoted to his own family and friends, but aloof and dignified with strangers—although temperaments can range from quiet to clownish. Early, positive socialization is an important part

of developing a healthy and stable tem- perament. He is a dog for all reasons. He can suc- cessfully chase the lure and excel at Obe- dience Trials. During Obedience training, the Ridgeback can become bored with constant repetition, and tends to tune out when he has had enough. Exercises must be kept short, fresh and interesting, and should always be ended on a high note. Many patient owners have been rewarded with advanced obedience titles, dispelling the myth that a Hound will not do obedi- ence. Th e breed also does well in Agility, and if conformation is where your interest lies, an owner can still handle his own dog to a championship in the Ridgeback Ring. He has an innate love for children— if they have been taught how to behave around dogs. Another plus is there is minimal grooming for the Ridgeback. Th ese dogs have dirt resistant coat and frequent bath- ing is unnecessary. Using a hound brush on them regularly should keep them clean and odor free. But watch out, they are like eating pota- to chips. You can’t stop with just one. BIO I have been involved with Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1966. Since then I have bred more than 100 champions, 9 of these dogs have ranked in the top ten ratings, and 5 of these held the #1 position. I have produced all-breed Best In Show Rhode- sian Ridgebacks—this is a World Record. Four more were sired by KWETU dogs. Th e 2002 National Specialty Winner was sired by a KWETU dog as was the OCRRC Specialty won by a KWETU bred dog. My dogs and bitches have been top producers and I am proud to share in the success of other breeders by providing them with breeding foundations. My kennel name of KWETU depicts our atmosphere. My dogs are house pets... we do not have kennels. KWETU a Swa- hili name meaning “Our Home”. We still remain a small, but serious, “hobby ken- nel” devoted to a search for excellence. I am currently licensed by the AKC to judge 14 breeds, including, of course, Rho- desian Ridgebacks. Th is will be my second

time judging a National Specialty in the US. I have judged Rhodesian Ridgebacks at Specialty Shows in Australia (twice in ten years), New Zealand, Sweden, Eng- land, Denmark, Holland, Israel, Italy, Germany, Canada, and at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US, Inc. Nation- al Specialty Show in Ocala, Florida in 1994, and again in 2004 at the Ridgeback World Congress in Texas, elected to do so by my peers, a Regional Specialty fort the OCRRC in California and a satellite show connected with the RRCUS National Spe- cialty in 2003. In 2009, I was invited to judge for the second time in Germany and in Israel. I am a past National Director of Res- cue for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US, Inc. I am an listed as an O ffi cial Mentor of the RRCUS, inc. My club a ffi liations include: t Member (and past director , vice president and president) of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US. Inc. t Honorary member of the Rhode- sian Ridgeback Club of Western Australia t Honorary member of FDRI Ridge- back Club, Germany t Past president of the Carolina Kennel Club t Past Director of the Nashville Ken- nel Club t Past Associate Editor of the Ridge- back Quarterly t Past Colmunist of the Ridgeback Quarterly t Contributor Ridgeback Register

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