Showsight Presents The Bulldog



been judging since 1988. I previously worked at AKC as a director, judging research and development. I am the current Judges Education Chair for the Bulldog Club of America. I am also a Life Member and currently president of the Detroit Bulldog Club, member of the Companion Dog Training Club of Flint and the Director of Legislation for Michigan Associa- tion for Pure Bred Dogs. JOHN LITTLE I live in central Ohio. In real life, I am a research physi- cist. I started showing in 1960 and received an AKC license to judge Bulldogs in 1972. ROBERT NEWCOMB I reside in Elk City, Oklahoma. My life outside of dogs has involved operating my CPA firm for 35 years, cattle ranch- ing, raising racing Quarter Horses, CFO and Vice-Chair of a Bank which I am a principle shareholder and severing for the last 20 years as a member of the Oklahoma State Banking Board. For an 81 year old, it keeps me out of trouble. I have been involved in ownership of Bulldogs for 55 years, showing 52 years and judging for 47 years—Bulldogs and Junior Showmanship only. I want to make a few points about Bulldog history. Our standard has not been changed in well over 150 or so years, except to change the Dudley nose to red-brown or liver col- ored our only disqualification. The Bulldog was bred for the purpose of baiting bulls in the arena as a spectator sport. Even though the sport has been outlawed for several hun- dred years, the Bulldog should still have the structure to carry out that task. In my judgment—until there are changes to the standard—the conformation should be as it was 150 years ago. ROBIN

I live in Carmichael, California and when I’m not doing something for Miss Daisy, my 10-year-old Bulldog, I’m at church or out somewhere eating with

people from the church. I can’t imagine life without a Bull- dog. They’ve always been there—88 years of loving and car- ing but 50+ years of showing and 20+ years judging. GARY L. DOERGE I live in Jackson, Tennessee and have since 1985. I was raised in Houston, Texas. I currently own, with my partner, K-Nine Boarding and Grooming Kennels in Jackson. I was brought up in dogs as my dad was a Boxer breeder/exhibi- tor. I started handling in the late 70s and started judging in 1995. FRED HAYNES I was born in Manchester, England and I came to live in Newtown, Connecticut in 2000. Outside of dogs, my wife Caroline and I enjoy our gardens (not vegetables, too much hard work)—I like the instant gratification of colorful flower- beds. Also living relatively close to New York City, we enjoy good restaurants and Broadway shows whenever we get the chance. I have been involved in Bulldogs since the early 80s, I’ve also bred and shown Pugs with some success and since coming stateside got involved in Rough Collies, which is Car- oline’s original breed, and we were fortunate to have the #1 Rough Collie (breed system) in 2006. I first judged Bulldogs in the UK in 1989. I judged Bulldogs here in the US for five years on the AKC/KC reciprocal agree- ment rule. Then in 2005 the AKC changed their rule to “any foreign judge that now resides in the States, must go through the AKC process.” So after judging here for five years, I had to then start over as a provisional. ANNE M. HIER I live in North Branch, Michigan. I am a professional artist and writer. I have been showing in conformation and obe- dience since 1975 under the kennel name Ampirion. I have

STANSELL I reside in Clayton, North Carolina. Outside of the dog world, I do very little! Our dogs, judging, dog club work and a little exhibiting leaves little free time. I’ve been exhibiting since 1976 and judging since 1990.


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