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What are the health issues you consider when judging? Hetherington: Judging to the stan- dard, I don’t really think about the health issues as such. However, problems with breathing (the nose has 6 points - more than anything else) and the lack of any tail can be a problem. Sickle: To start, a good Bulldog has to be healthy. Th is should be no di ff er- ent than when judging any breed. When judging, I expect good health, condition, temperament and soundness in a Bulldog. Zalud: Health issues are not something that enters my head when judging. Health issues are the e ff ect, and I prefer to eliminate the causes by not awarding purple ribbons to dogs and bitches with multiple glaring faults that can lead to health issues.

championships on nearly 50 Bulldogs, 23 of them homebred. Th e Hugos have bred or owned National Specialty, Non-Sporting Group and Best in Specialty Show win- ners. An AKC judge since 1993, Elizabeth has judged in every BCA division, includ- ing two BCA Nationals assignments and is a BCA Hall of Fame Breeder and an AKC Breeder of Merit. Elizabeth has judged in England, Holland, Spain, France, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, and at the first show of the World Bulldog Congress in conjunction with the World Show in Budapest, Hungary. She has held o ffi ces in several Bulldog Specialty Clubs and has been a BCA Councilor for over 20 years. Currently chair of the BCA Health Committee, Elizabeth is a past Chair of the BCA Education Committee and has been active in BCA Judges Education since 1990. Elizabeth is married to Jack Milam,

He was the AKC Non-Sporting Breeder of the Year in 2004. Every Bulldog Club of America National Specialty Best of Breed winner over the last 28 years is a descen- dant of at least one Cherokee stud. Cody has had seven All-Breed Best in Show winners. His dogs have been Best of Breed at the BCA National Specialty four times and Best of Opposite Sex five times. Cody has handled his dogs to Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club 12 times and been second in the Group three times. Cody has been AKC approved to judge since the late 70s. He judged the BCA National Specialty Show twice and has judged throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, England and Scotland. Cody has served on the Bulldog Club of America Council for over 30 years and has taught numerous seminars on Bulldogs for aspiring and active judges. Robin L. Stansell Robin first exhibited Bulldogs in 1976 and has exhibited in Europe and the Unit- ed States where he obtained conforma- tion and obedience titles on his dogs. First approved to judge in 1990, he has judged throughout the U.S., as well as in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, France, Sweden, China, Japan and Korea. He is an approved BCA Judges Education presenter and breed mentor. His experience includes 11 years as an AKC Executive Field Representative and AKC Vice President of Event Operations. Jeanne C. Zalud Fred and Jeanne Zalud got their first Bulldog in 1962 as a pet, but quickly got their second, Hambone, a show quality male. He finished in all majors from the Open Class, but not until after showing for two years in American Bred, where he was usually the only one in his class. Th ose two years gave Fred the time to learn how to handle, so that when Hambone was developed enough to win, so was Fred. Th e Zaluds bred and showed 10 Bulldogs to their championships, but first and fore- most, they were all housedogs who slept in bed with either the Zalud kids or Fred and Jeanne. Th ey still have two bulldog bed- mates today. Jeanne got her AKC judges license in 1980 and considers it a privilege that she does not take for granted. 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& 0 $50#&3 t


James P. Cardello Jim and his wife have had bulldogs since 1974 and have bred or owned 28 champi- ons, including three Bulldog Club of Amer- ica (BCA) National Specialty winners. Jim started judging in 1994 and has judged during BCA National week three times. He has also judged in the United Kingdom, Canada, at the 2010 World Bulldog Fed- eration Championship in Slovenia and at the 2012 Brazilian Bulldog Nationals. Jean Hetherington Jean and her husband, Bob, have been breeding bulldogs since 1966, using the prefix Hetherbull. Th ey have bred over 100 champions, including multiple Best in Show, National Best of Breed, Group and Specialty winners. Jean has been judging Bulldogs since 1980 with some time out to work for the American Kennel Club (AKC). Her Ch. Hetherbull Bounty’s Frigate holds the breed record for Best in Shows at 52. Hetherbull bred, trained and showed the first Ch. UD bulldog. Jean was Secretary of the BCA, held every o ffi ce in the Bulldog Club of New Jersey and was Show Chair of the Asheville Kennel Club. Elizabeth Hugo-Milam Norma & Frank Hugo, Elizabeth’s parents, purchased their first show Bulldog the same year she was born, and Eliza- beth grew up showing Bulldogs under the “Hug-O-Bull” banner. She has put U.S.

another avid Bulldogger. Robert L. (Bob) Newcomb

Bob acquired his first Bulldog in May 1961. He has finished 79 Bulldogs to their AKC Championship and was breeder of 45 of them. Bob is a BCA Hall of Fame Breed- er and has three dogs in the BCA Gallery of National Winners. In 1969, Bob was approved by AKC to judge. He has judged the BCA National Specialty three times, all BCA Division Specialties several times, well over 100 Bulldog Specialty shows and at numerous all-breed shows. He also judged National Specialties in Australia and Mexico and the National Specialty of the World Bulldog Federation in Austria. Bob has worked tirelessly for BCA for 50 years. Currently serving as the BCA Del- egate to AKC, Bob has held almost every o ffi ce possible in the BCA and has served twice as President. Bob has been involved with judge’s education for over 20 years. In 2009, BCA Division IV created a new award for outstanding contributions to BCA, called “ Th e Robert L (Bob) New- comb Lifetime Achievement Award”. Bob is the only recipient to date. Cody T. Sickle Cody got his first Bulldog in 1958. He and his mom became interested in showing and Cherokee Bulldogs was born. A BCA Hall of Fame Breeder, Cody has owned 179 champions, having bred 156 of them.

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