Showsight Presents the Vizsla

VIZSLA MEET THE BREED The Vizsla A thousand years ago, the Vizsla hunted with Magyar nomads before settling into an area that is now Hungary. Primi- tive stone etchings show

By Dane Mrazek

the tribal hunter with his falcon and his Vizsla. Centuries later, the Vizsla became the premier sporting dog and a lively a ff ec- tionate family member of the Hungarian Aristocrats. Today, photos hang within homes across the world illustrating extraor- dinary connections between the Vizsla and their families. The Vizsla Form Th e Vizsla was built to hunt vast upland fi elds with pro fi ciency and grace. Th ey are a medium-sized, short-haired sporting dog of rust-gold color that con- veys elegance and readiness. In structure, they appear balanced in both height and length. In motion, they glide e ff ortlessly over the ground with smooth movement. In the fi eld, they are swift and careful hunters with superb noses and exemplary pointing/retrieving skills. At home, they exhibit a demeanor that is gentle, sweet and sensitive.

The Vizsla Lifestyle Th e Vizsla is more than a dog—he is a lifestyle. Th e modern Vizsla will thrive as an active member of your family. Th ey are physically active and emotionally attentive dogs known for their “Velcro®”

quality. Th ey want to be outside with you and inside with you. Many Vizsla owners will admit that they no longer go to the bathroom alone! Your canine friend will gladly fi ll the role of hiking buddy, hunting partner, agility quali fi er

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