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or tracking expert. He is a superb athlete and supreme snuggler always looking for the next opportunity to curl up next to you on your couch at home. The Vizsla Choice Th e Vizsla is a great choice for someone wanting an athletic dog that will become a signi fi cant part of their life. Similarly, they are a poor choice for someone want- ing a dog that is expected to be content with a daily pat on the head and a walk around the block. Vizslas require signi fi - cant engagement on a daily basis. So, be warned, an unhappy Vizsla will produce an unhappy Vizsla owner. The Vizsla Family A Vizsla properly raised with children will be their best friend. Families with children should strongly consider their ability to commit to the requirements of this breed. Furthermore, parents should be careful to always manage the behav- ior of their children toward this sensitive breed that may not always tolerate improp- er behavior such as poking, prodding and hitting. The Vizsla Puppy A Vizsla puppy comes ready to be sculpted by caring hands. He is exuberant and eager to learn. He is smart but sensi- tive. He will take to positive training but can be ruined by a heavy hand. Th e Vizsla was designed to cover ground so it should come as no surprise that he will be energetic and ready to run. Be prepared to engage your puppy in fre- quent periods of on-leash and o ff -leash

activity. Regular physical exercise will help settle your Vizsla for a successful day. Regular mental exercise will help boost your connection with your puppy. Tricks and obedience skills will not only dazzle your friends but also teach your puppy to work for your attention and praise. Socialization is important for all dogs and Vizslas are no exception. Daily posi- tive experiences will help your puppy grow up to be a well-adjusted con fi dent dog that loves humans and dogs large and small. The Vizsla Health Vizslas are commonly very healthy with a life span of 12 or more years. Th e breed has some cases of hip dysplasia, cancer and epilepsy, but careful breeding has helped control these problems. All puppy buyers are encouraged to research the pedigrees of their prospective puppy to reduce the risk of these rare health issues. Puppy seekers are also encour- aged to fi nd a breeder who is breeding for the right reasons. Look for a breeder that loves this breed and strives for excellence in temperament, health, capability, and beauty. And, above all, avoid purchasing a puppy from a pet store, a puppy mill or a puppy farm. The Vizsla Versatility While the Vizsla was built to be a great hunting dog and a grand companion, the modern Vizsla has developed into a truly versatile dog. Th ey can compete success- fully in multiple AKC venues including conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, hunt tests and fi eld trials. Th is adaptability has extended their role into transportation

security, search-and-rescue, seeing-eye, and therapy programs. The Vizsla Club of America Th e Vizsla Club of America (VCA) is dedicated to the maintenance of the Vizsla breed. Our members are owners/ breeders who are committed to preserv- ing/enhancing the characteristics of this noble/classy sporting dog. Th e VCA spon- sors three national annual events that include: a National Gun Dog Champion- ship, a National Field Championship and a National Specialty including Conforma- tion, Agility and Obedience. Th e VCA has also established a “Code of Ethics” for its members de fi ning requirements for dog ownership, competitive sportsman- ship and breeding practices. To learn more about the VCA and regional Vizsla clubs, please visit BIO Dane Mrazek, Public Education Coor- dinator for the VCA and the owner of 7 ½ - year-old Vizsla “Bond” and 4 ½ -year-old Vizsla “Diamond” in Redwood City, CA.

Dane and Diamond after they acquired her Senior Hunter title in the fall of 2012 at a hunt test in Reno, NV. 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& / 07&.#&3 t

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