Showsight Presents the Vizsla

moderate by comparison to the other shorthaired pointers both in form and function. As such, exaggeration in any aspect is a departure from the standard which repeatedly calls for moderation. Unlike some of the other standards, the standard for the Vizsla gives a range of what is acceptable. Judging this breed well is the art of knowing the outer lim- its of what is acceptable and being able to reward dogs of varying style that all fall within those limits.

BIO In 1970, Patricia Folz purchased her first Vizsla, Katie, and did everything with her. Under the kennel prefix Szikra, they have produced four generations of winner’s dog at the Vizsla Club of America Nation- als—three from the bred-by-exhibitor class as well as going best of winners with their bitch, best of opposite sex and best of winners from the bred by exhibitor class. Th ey are looking forward to seeing the next generation in the ring and the field.

The recent revision of the breed stan- dard was a complicated task that Patri- cia was privileged to be a part of and she now finds herself on the committee to produce a quick reference guide and an illustrated standard as well as being Judges Education chairperson. She believes it is through careful study of the Vizsla and other breeds and the exchange of ideas and experi- ences that one comes to better under- stand the breed.

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