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and anything involving animals. I have been involved in the sport for 45 years. Boy, I am dating myself! Our initial breed was Irish Setters. Then we decided to downsize to the English Cocker Spaniel. I have been judging since 2004. PLUIS DAVERN I live in North Monterey County, California and my whole life revolves around dogs and numerous dog activities includ- ing obedience, conformation, field events, agility and therapy work. I started off in obedience training in 1960; I’ve been breeding and showing since 1968, started handling in the 70s and judging in 2000. I have been breeding Vizslas since 2001. RICHARD HILDERMAN My wife and I live on a

I just moved to Simi Val- ley, from San Diego. Outside of dogs, I eat, sleep, eat again the sleep—actually I enjoy weight training, cooking and water skiing! Architec- ture is my passion. I’ve been in dogs my whole life, from kennel help to professional handler for 22 years and I’ve been judging for 20 years. MARISSA CLARK A native of California,

I realized my childhood dream, three years ago, by moving to Washington State. We live on Fox Island, which is an extension of Gig Har- bor. I enjoy ANY outdoor activity. Being in the PNW, there are endless opportuni- ties to be with nature. This is where I find true peace and happiness. I also love theatre

barrier island off the coast of North Carolina. Outside of dogs I spend a lot of time kayaking in the marshes. I am active in protecting the sea turtles and birds that nest on our island along with protecting the natural environment that surrounds the island. We got involved

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