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showing and breeding Vizslas in 1975. We no longer breed or show dogs. I started my judging career in 1985 when I was approved just for Vizslas. DR. DANA MASSEY I live with my husband, Billy

LR: Functional, moderate and medium size. KR: Versatile, moderate and self-colored.

2. What are your "must have" traits in this breed? GA: sound movement, correct eye, balanced and proper size! MC: Type, outline, symmetry, moderate, made of curves, balance front to rear angles, proportion, sound coming and going (want single tracking), first and second thigh, level topline with slightly rounded croup. No gay tails! Also would want correct ears, not Hound-like. Lastly, but certainly not least, good feet (that can take this Sporting Dog around the ring) with movement that is light footed and a far reaching stride so evident in a properly-made Vizsla. “Sporting dogs have to move!” PD: Lightly built, medium-sized, rust-colored hunting dog. RH: Fluid movement, width of back skull and muzzle, depth and width of fore chest and substance DM: 1) Correct size, 2) distinctive solid golden rust, 3) lean and muscular, 4) short back, 5) non-sloping topline, 6) slight rise over the loin that is a hallmark of the breed and 7) moderate angulation and balanced. LR: Being a Sporting dog, he must appear to be able to work all day; so good movement, good feet and strong topline. Plus the Vizsla is light, but athletic and very moderate in every way. KR: A distinctive silhouette, golden rust color, moderation, effortless side gait and a “Tigger” demeanor. 3. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? GA: Long in loin, over angulated and too big. MC: I see many breeds becoming more exaggerated or extreme today, so it is not limited to the Vizsla. Regarding Vizslas, I believe they are losing the moderate, off square, level topline with bone/substance. I’d like to see better croups, shorter length of loin and less gay tails. I also see weedy dogs and some shy temperaments. It would be unfair to say Vizslas need better fronts, without stating that many breeds are struggling with this issue. I believe breeders are aware and making great attempts to fix this difficult, time consuming and multi-generational issue. At least I don’t see too many sweeping rears, with too much length of stifle that can be a by-product of a weaker front, or lay of shoulder. PD: There seem to be more and more exhibits with straight- er fronts, no depth of chest (cathedral fronts) and over angulated rears. I’m concerned about the numerous gay tails as well. While it is lightly built, it is a robust dog so should not exhibit lack of substance. DM: Rise over the loin too great, sloping topline and the size is too big. LR: No, the breeders are doing a good job in not exagger- ating traits. But, I am seeing a number that appear too lightly built; plus, many straight fronts.

and dogs (Paula Deen, Suzie, Ballot, Dav, Betty Ann, George and Lloyds of London, a res- cue Terrier). I’ve been in Wei- maraners since 1950, showing since 1985 and judging since about 1998.

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I live in High Ridge, Mis- souri, which is about 25 miles outside of St. Louis. I travel with my husband in our motorhome. I also shoot skeet and some trap and golf when I get a chance. Dogs take up much of my time. I’ve loved dogs all my life, so did my parents, so I have had dogs for as long as I can remember. I started show- ing in obedience in the mid- 1970s, so around 38 years. I’ve been judging about 20 years. KATHY RUST I live in Walcott, North Dakota, a rural community south of Fargo. I'm a Chief Master Sergeant in the North Dakota Air National Guard serving as the Domestic Operations Senior Enlisted Leader and also fill the Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness position. I've been in dogs since the day I was born, growing up in a pet loving family. I started show- ing dogs over 35 years ago and have been judging for 13 years.

1. Describe the breed in three words. GA: Intelligence, elegant and agile. MC: Medium robust hunter. PD: Moderate, balanced and moderate. RH: Playful, people pleasers. DM: Rust-colored, agile ancestral hunter.

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