Showsight Presents the Vizsla

“THE LIST OF FUN THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR VIZSLA IS ENDLESS. He does not do well as a kennel dog but only as a companion in the home and a MEMBER OF THE FAMILY.”

service dog visiting nursing homes and the ill and lonely, to helping disabled, blind, hearing impaired and comforting disturbed or handicapped children, this breed has provided physical and emo- tional benefits to not only healthy indi- viduals but also the sick and emotionally ill. He can sit quietly in a classroom of children and listen as they read to him, while equally enjoyed by the families as a hiking, swimming, boating, jogging and camping companion. Th e list of fun things to do with your Vizsla is endless. He does not do well as a kennel dog but only as a companion in the home and a member of the family. In the last 20 years, the Vizsla has been increasing used at airports for drug or bomb detection, mold sni ffi ng and a search and rescue dog for cadavers and live bodies in times of disasters. But this breed is not for everyone. He will become bored and find mischief on his own, so needs early crate and obedi- ence training. With his above-average intelligence, ability and willingness to learn, consistency is a must. He is a prob- lem solver, thinking and creative dog and understanding the breed is important. Th at intelligence will be both a joy and a challenge. Th e standard calls for him to be “demonstratively a ff ectionate” but more than anything he is needy. A very socially oriented breed he needs to sit in your lap, chair and bed. Needs to be hugged and praised and rewarded. Your life will be di ff erent when you own a Vizsla because he will have to be a part of everything you do. Vizslas are very adaptable to almost anything, even apartment living. But they do need daily exercise. A walk around the

block twice a day is not usually su ffi cient for a young dog so he will need a park or a dog run as often as possible. A tired dog does not get into mischief and his energy has to be channeled into correct behavior patters in order for you to keep control over a dog that is wonderful “con artist”.

BIO Marion Co ff man

has had Vizslas for 45 years. She had top winning Best in Show records and is proud to be the breeder of the first AKC Triple Champion. Th rough the years Marion has

served in capacities of treasurer, field tri- al secretary, news editor, obedience and breed handling instructor. As a member of the VCA since 1969, she served as their club Historian for 7 years. Almost every dog she has kept during those years had a breed Championship and some kind of an obedience title and Marion is still active in training and trialing. She strongly believes in obedience training with a Vizsla as it offers a very strong bond with your dog. It also makes it a whole lot easier to live with an active, intelligent and active breed. Marion authored many pamphlets and articles on whelping, breeding and puppy rearing. Th ose pamphlets were the basis of her interest in actually writing a complete book for the beginning owners of Vizslas. Th at developed into writing two editions of “Versatile Vizsla”, published by Alpine Publishing—she hopes will be the guide- posts for many years into the future.

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