Showsight Presents The Kuvasz

Complete scissors bite is preferred; a level bite is acceptable. Overshot or undershot bite is a disquali fi cation. Th e back is muscular and hard, with broad, well-sprung ribs. Th e top line pres- ents a smooth, continuous line from the neck to the croup, with an arched neck at the crest set smoothly into high, well-mus- cled withers. Th e tail is set and carried low as an extension of the croup to complete a graceful outline. A manual examination of the Kuvasz’ structure is imperative as the true outline can be obscured by coat. Coat type can be either straight or wavy but must be a double coat consisting of a fi ne undercoat and longer guard hair of mediumcoarse texture. Th e facial and leg hair is short and smooth, transitioning to medium-length body hair and longer hair for the mane, tail, and leg feathering. As the Kuvasz is a working dog, excessively long hair should be penalized. Th e skin is heavily pigmented, black or slate, the darker the better, with black pads and nails. Th e coat is white. Th e judge should part the hair to determine the true color of the coat. Th ere are di ff erent shades of white and stains can occur. Th e Kuvasz should be shown at a trot on a loose lead. He carries his head and tail relatively low. Th e Kuvasz shows great intelligence and an ability to act alone in any situation. A one-family dog, they are highly sensitive to praise or blame and are courageous and bold. In the show ring, a Kuvasz with a correct temperament is not shy or aggres- sive, but I will give some allowance for a young dog. To brie fl y review the essence of the Kuvasz, it is a large, strong, elegant dog with a moderately proportioned head and body; a balanced and easy gait; a calm, self- assured nature; and a soft, intelligent expres- sion. It should be presented with a natural, untrimmed coat and appearance. BIO Hungarian native Agi Hejja is an AKC judge who has owned and bred Kuvasz since 1970. She currently serves as Chair of the Kuvasz Club of America’s Judges Education Committee and lives in Virginia.

$ critical aspect of judging a .uYasz is the head, Zhich is the most beautiful feature of the breed and must haYe correct proportions. 6hoZn here a young female.

This male shoZs the desired Zedgeshaped head, Zith clean planes and smooth lines. 'arN, almondshaped eyes should be slightly slanted and set bacN betZeen the plane of the muzzle. t4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& 0 $50#&3 

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