Showsight Presents The Kuvasz

“DURING THE 1960s AND ‘70s, SO FEW KUVASZ EXHIBITED IN THE U.S. that the breed qualified for the AKC Sexes Combined class, producing 12 champions between 1966 and 1969.”

nel name. During the 1930s, Miss Marsh campaigned tirelessly for AKC recognition of the Kuvasz. In 1935, she entered her four American bred Kuvasz, the first to be shown at West- minster, even showing two dogs as a brace. She topped it o ff by driving the entire four- dog team around the ring. Th at year, the AKC approved the breed standard, and in October of 1936, Ch. Gilda of Romance, bred by Miss Marsh, became the first AKC Kuvasz champion. Th e first Kuvasz Club in America was established in 1939, although there were still few Kuvasz in the United States. During the 1930s, Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler of Manchester, Pennsylvania, imported two German Kuvasz and began breeding. However, from 1940 to 1966, only five Kuvasz earned AKC championships. Sadly, the breed was devastated during World War II. After the war in Commu- nist Hungary, a factory manager wanted Kuvasz to guard the property but a search of the country found less than 30 dogs remaining. Of those, most didn’t have proof of registration or a formal pedigree.

Several dedicated breeders selected white dogs that looked like Kuvasz. Th ey also imported dogs from German breeders and began to resurrect the breed. In 1954, the Hungarian breeders revised the Kuvasz standard and submitted it to the FCI for approval. Due to their e ff orts, the breed was firmly reestablished in Hun- gary and in a number of other nations, including the United States. Following the Hungarian standard, the appearance of the Kuvasz was standardized. During the 1960s and ‘70s, so few Kuvasz exhibited in the U.S. that the breed qualified for the AKC Sexes Com- bined class, producing 12 champions between 1966 and 1969. Despite lim- ited breeding stock, dedicated Ameri- can breeders began to expand the breed. Dana Alvi was one of these breeders, and she led the charge in establishing the Kuvasz Club of America (KCA) on April 30, 1966. Th ese breeders worked together to encourage and promote the breeding of quality Kuvasz. Interest in the Kuvasz and exhibition at AKC shows expanded during the 1970s

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