Showsight Presents The Kuvasz

“INTEREST IN THE KUVASZ AND EXHIBITION AT AKC SHOWS EXPANDED DURING THE 1970s AND ‘80s, with 214 dogs achieving their championship.”

and ‘80s, with 214 dogs achieving their championship. In 1972, a male earned a Group 4, and in 1974, a female earned a Group 1. Finally, on July 10, 1977, Ch. Hamralvi Heimdall Odin, bred by Dana Alvi, became the first Kuvasz to win an AKC Best in Show. Since then, a number of Kuvasz have excelled in the show ring, becoming nationally ranked. In 1933, the AKC recognized the KCA as the o ffi cial parent club of the breed, and the KCA held the first Kuvasz Nation- al Specialty, with an entry of over 100 dogs  the first annual celebration of this wonderful breed.

Today, Kuvasz can be found guarding f locks and homes in the U.S., as they have done in Europe and Asia for thousands of years. They also compete in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, tracking, carting, and even coursing. They are therapy dogs and assistance dogs, and of course, loyal family pets and personal companions. Yet the disquieting truth is that today there are only about ten well-established Kuvasz breeders in the U.S. Of these breeders, the majority produced approxi- mately one to two litters a year. Many breeders keep only one puppy from a lit- ter, new show prospects may not turn out,

and sometimes good dogs are placed in a home where they are supposed to be shown but end up spayed or neutered. The result is fewer Kuvasz being shown in conforma- tion each year. Upcoming AKC judges may have a difficult time finding entries to support their judging applications for the breed. Current judges will seldom see an entry of more than a couple dogs, if any. From 2009 through May 2012, 72 Kuvasz have completed their AKC championships, with only 14 Grand Champions. It’s difficult for exhibitors to find majors. Annually, the largest majors are

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