Showsight Presents The Kuvasz

usually at the KCA National Specialty and the subsequent shows. With fewer champi- ons being finished, future breeding stock is reduced. Structural issues or failure to pass health clearances further reduces breeding potential. Few breeds have a gene pool as a small as the Kuvasz. This small gene pool creates an extremely challenging environment for our dedicated breeders to continue to produce great dogs. Unlike many working breeds that have hundreds or more stud dogs to choose from, the Kuvasz breeder today probably only has a selection that you could count on both hands. While it is reasonable to expect that easier access to international dogs would increase the breeding pool, this has not routinely prov- en to be true. Sadly, breeders in Europe  and specifically, Hungary  are facing problems similar to ours. Imports brought to the U.S. have added some genetic diversity but have not always provided desired qualities. Conf licts relating to type have fur- ther reduced the gene pool because there is limited breeding across this “type bar- rier.” These conf licts confuse judges and prospective owners alike. The KCA Judges Education Council has developed an excel- lent, comprehensive tool for judges with visual aids defining type, as documented in the AKC breed standard and fully endorsed by the parent club, the KCA. Today’s Kuvasz breeders clearly under- stand their responsibilities as guardians of our breed, mentors, educators, and trainers. As a result, breeders have equipped their Kuvasz with tools necessary to adapt to different environments, focusing on early and frequent socialization. Kuvasz breeders deserve recog- nition for their extraordinary efforts and pro- found gratitude for all that they continue to do to for this remarkable breed! BIO Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend have been members of the KCA since 1992 and have been active in conformation, perfor- mance events and have been board members, past president, secretary and AKC Delegate. In 2012, Brady and Townsend were the AKC Working group Breeders of the Year.

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