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in length. It is very important to note that the limitation applies to the maximum size not a minimum. In other words, ears should not be excessive in length. t 8JEUI PG UIF TLVMM JT OP NPSF UIBO one half the length of the head. Th is is a very important limitation in main- taining proper proportions in what is a characteristic head for a Cirneco and, once again, in striving for the ideal, the width of skull would never be greater than the length of the muzzle. And, again, this limitation, akin to the one for the length of ear, is a maximum only, not a minimum, nor an estab- lished preference. Th e goal is not to have skull width equal muzzle length,

to the contrary, it is to disallow exces- sive width and heaviness of skull. t ɨF TZNNFUSZ PG QSPQPSUJPOT DPOUJO - ues with the neck which is “Length the same as the head. Strong, clean, well arched and muscular.” Very much along the lines of correct colors for a Pharaoh Hound, the Cirneco is to be in a range described as: “Self-col- ored light to dark shades of tan or chest- nut. With a mixture of slightly lighter and darker hairs…” Th e Cirneco Stan- dard does not carry the same restrictions on the white markings with the comple- tion of the sentence as: “…or with more or less extensive white.” It then continues with a total deviation from the “known”

Pharaoh Hound restrictions with: “White collar, self-colored white or white with orange patches is less desired.” “Less desired” is a signi fi cant devia- tion. In establishing an eye for the Cirneco dell’Etna one must be on constant guard to not assume that it is simply a miniatur- ized version of the well known Pharaoh Hound. Th e di ff erences are many and only a very small part of the Breed’s conforma- tion has herein been addressed. Th e full Breed Standard is resident through the AKC or the Parent club, the Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America, on its website: where you will also fi nd contact information for any Breed query.

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