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less than length of shoulder blade. Elbow - Level or below the line of the brisket and well tucked in. Legs - Forelegs straight and parallel when viewed from the front. Length just over ½ the height at the withers. Pasterns - Strong and slightly sloping. Dewclaws - May not be removed. Hindquarters : Strong and muscular. Limbs parallel when viewed from behind. Angulation- Not excessively angulated. In profile a vertical line from rear point of buttock to ground close to or touching the tips of the toes. Angle between pelvis and upper thigh is about 115 degrees. Legs - Upper thigh - Broad, long, upper thigh with flat muscles. Stifle - Moderate bend of stifle. Second thigh - Slightly shorter than the upper thigh. Lean and distinct musculature with light bone structure. Groove at Achilles tendon well marked. Hock joint - Angle at the joint is about 135 degrees. Hocks - Wide outer surface, cylindrical shape and vertical position. Length from sole of foot to point of hock is just over a quarter of the height at the withers. Dewclaws - Absent. Feet: Strong, well knuckled, firm, slightly oval, turning neither in nor out. Pads - Well padded, hard and of the same color as the nails. Nails - Brown or flesh colored. Black nails are a disqualification. Coat : Short on head, ears and legs. Semi-long (about 1 inch) on body and tail, but sleek and close, ranging from fine to slightly coarse. No feathering. Color : Self-colored light to dark shades of tan, with a mixture of slightly lighter and darker hairs, or tan with white blaze or mark on head, chest and/or throat, white feet, point of tail, and/ or belly. A white collar is less desired. Total depigmentation, self-colored brown or liver; brown patches or hairs; brindle coat: or any presence of black, whether patches, hairs, or pigmentation including of mucous membranes, are a disqualification. Gait : Springy trot without excessive extension. Viewed from behind, hind legs track the forelegs. Tendency to throw feet sideways or hackney action undesirable. Temperament: Strong, lively, independent temperament. Gentle and affectionate. Disqualifications : Height not within the stated limits: Dogs under 18 inches or over 20 inches, Bitches under 17 inches or over 19 inches. Walleye, an eye with a whitish iris or a blue eye(s); overshot mouth or undershot mouth. Totally hanging ears or bat ears. Total depigmentation; self- colored brown or liver; brown patches or hairs; brindle coat: or any presence of black whether patches, hairs, or pigmentation, black nails, or mucous membranes.

Approved January 14, 2020 Effective March 31, 2020

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