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By Bonnie Bailey DPCA Public Education Chair

T he Doberman Pin- scher is an American hero and good citizen. Dobermans served in WWII as sentries, mes- sengers, and scouts for the U.S Marine Corps in the Paci fi c. Th ey explored caves, detected mines, revealed booby traps and hiding enemy soldiers, protected sleeping soldiers in foxholes, car- ried messages and medicine, and warned of upcoming attacks. Always Faithful, pic- tured below, is a memorial statue of Kurt, a Doberman who lost his life in battle after silently warning troops of an upcom- ing attack by 5,000 enemy soldiers. When Kurt was badly wounded, his handler, Pri- vate 1stClass Allen S. Jacobson was also

Doberman American Heroes of WWII

injured, but refused treatment until Kurt had been carried to the veterinarian. Kurt represents the 25 heroic Marine War Dogs who gave their lives in courageous service, with love, devotion, and valor, during the War in the Paci fi c. Th e Doberman Pinscher was devel- oped in Germany by Karl Friedrich Lou- is Dobermann in the late 19th century for protection and companionship. Th e Doberman continues to be treasured by owners as the Breed who protects and con- nects with their people. Dobermans thrive with owners com- mitted to a dog/owner team of mental and physical challenges, i.e. performance and working dog sports, Search and Rescue, and an array of good citizen therapy jobs.

Shirley Hammond and her Search and Res- cue Doberman, Sunny, are pictured on next page assisting at Ground Zero following the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Sunny was trained to search for survivors. Doberman/owner teams also provide emotional and comfort therapy in many di ff erent types of good citizen therapy jobs, such as visiting hospitals and nursing homes and in children’s reading programs, pictured on next page. Another Doberman Good Citizen team is Sandy Driscoll and her Doberman Gun- ner, whose registered name is CH Dymon’s Above Th e Law Winmar ROM, CD, Th D, CGC. Gunner earned his Championship by 2 years old, passed the Working Dog Evalu- ation (WAE), competed in obedience for

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