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wide issue facing us all, but I am hoping that the U.S. will not follow this trend. The possible answer to this may be to open the stud reg- istry (as other breeds have done) and continue the work of our predecessors in the 20’s and 30’s to continue to build this breed, this time with a prick ear. We may be able to breed a natural bob tail as well, as back in the first 25 years of the breed’s existence, some natural bob tails were born in litters. We need to re-think the process, and say that maybe we are just not done yet! As I observe dogs around the world, I still see some dogs that are not balanced, but I know that each one is a work in progress, and we are all trying to breed the 90 degree lay back with a matching rear, in a short backed dog. As daunt- ing as that is, we all are still trying to achieve that Nirvana! We are closer than we were 40 years ago, so kudos to those breeders who continue to strive for perfection. I love dog shows, love watching all the breeds that are shown to us, and live for the thrill that comes from watch- ing a superb animal, groomed and shown to perfection enter the ring! PATRICIA REINARD-KOPSA I got my start with Dobermans 15 years ago by purchasing a Doberman for obedience. A few people told me how beauti- ful she was and encouraged me to show, and show I did! After several shows, my now mentor, CarolAnne Haven- er, Rauschund Dobermans, befriended me and we became instant friends. She took me under her wing and taught me many valuable lessons, the most being to breed responsibly, especially for health and temperament. CaroleAnne showed a great deal of confidence in me and trusted me with my first true show dog, Husker. My most memorable show moment was when I handled Husker to winners dog in his first show at six months of age. Through CaroleAnne’s trust and encouragement, I got my foundation bitch from her and that is when my kennel, Gerhund Dobermans, was started. I am fortunate that I have very loving and dedicated puppy people. Two are starting their show careers with one of my boys quickly earning six points in very limited showing. My dogs are also very ath- letic and a couple will be pursuing performance careers with their owners. I think the biggest health concern facing our breed today is DCM. I lost my first Doberman to DCM and it was devastat- ing. We really need to find a way to eradicate this disease. In addition, the docking and cropping controversy needs to be met with resistance. I am fortunate that New York State does not have this law yet. We need to ban together and stop these laws from passing and ruining this beautiful breed. I am dedicated to Dobermans and in my breeding pro- gram I promote good health and follow the Puppy Culture protocol where I can see the positive impact this brings in their temperaments. doberman pinscher Q&A WITH DR. MARY-HELENE (MIMI) BROWN, MARGARITA FILES, ERIC GLOFKA, CHERIE HOLMES AND PATRICIA REINARD-KOPSA


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