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PAM DEHETRE My first purebred breed in the early 60s was a Toy Poodle. Bred them briefly, got a couple Boxers and then got into Dobermans. Through the years I have bred over 100 champions including Min- iature Pinschers, Manchester Terriers, Brussels Griffons, Pointers and Dober- man Pinschers some of which became Group and BIS winners. I still breed Brussels Griffons and Dobermans. I was a Professional Handler for 40 years. Past President of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and currently serve on the JEC Committee and am Health/CHIC Chair. Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. I have one daughter, two grandsons and a great grandson. VICKI SEILER- CUSHMAN ing winning the Working Group at Westminster in 1990 with Giant Schnauzer, Ch. Skansens I Have a Dream. During the span of her career, she has won more than 200 Bests In Show. Vicki is on the Board of the Dayton Kennel Club, Member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and Giant Schnau- zer Club of America. Vicki is a Procter and Gamble retiree and judges 29 breeds over five groups. ADRIAN WOODFORK Adrian Woodfork started showing dogs 59 years ago at the age of 12. He has paid a lot of dues in the dog world, going from a junior showman to breeder/exhibitor and now an AKC licensed judge. He has judged numerous Doberman Pinscher Specialties including the DPCA, Australian, Argen- tine, Brazilian, Canadian and Philippine Nationals. He is Vicki Seiler-Cushman of Beavercreek, Ohio began showing dogs when she was a young child. She showed her mother’s dogs, winning a group fourth at West- minster when she was 14 with her Sibe- rian Husky, Ch. Lobo Rey. Vicki became a professional handler guiding many top winning dogs in all seven groups includ-

licensed to judge the Working Group as well as Dachshunds and Junior Showman- ship. In addition to Doberman Pinschers, he breeds Dachshunds and exhibits both breeds under the kennel name of Addox. He has been a member of the DPCA for 27 years. Over the years, Adrian has fought hard

in California against frivolous bills that would impact the free- dom of owning and breeding dogs. He has testified in committee hearings on several occasions, appeared on television numer- ous times and has been quoted in the newspapers pleading with legislators and the public not to be swayed by the animal rights whackos. Adrian began working in the media right out of college. He worked at a NBC affiliate for nearly 20 years. After leaving the news business, he freelanced as a feature reporter/producer for television magazine shows— America’s Most Wanted, Current Affairs, Inside Edition and California Heartland. He has appeared in national television commercials and print ads. Currently, Adrian works as an Information Officer II for the State of California. He is married and the father of three and grandfather to Master Elijah and Miss Emma Rose. He resides in Sacramento, California. 3. Describe the breed in three words. PD: Square and smooth. I would also add heavy boned and alert.

VSC: Noble, courageous and intelligent. AW: Intelligent, athletic and beautiful.

4. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? PD: Nice head, dark eye, straight topline and balanced. VSC: A Doberman must have a magnificent presence, naturally. He is the Quarterback in the NFL. He is an athlete with superb intelligence, he is agile with beauty and grace. He can look right thru you and intimidate you with his keen expression. He is square, compact, medium sized and poured into his skin. He owns every inch of the ground he stands on. AW: Head piece (almond shaped dark eye), level topline, cor- rect tail-set and balance in movement (reach and drive) and in conformation (front and rear). Square dog. 5. Probably the most recognized of all breeds, the Dobe has a reputation both good and not so good. What can we do to ensure he’s known for his won- derful, caring nature? PD: Continue to educate.


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