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PAMELA DEHETRE I am originally from Michigan but have been living in Loganville, Georgia for the past 34 years. I own Paperbacks Book Store in Loganville, Georgia; we sell used

(Cindi Huckfeldt), Ojadn (Brenda Piper) and Narada (Ezell Fox). It has been our pleasure to have owned and co-bred many Top Twenty dogs over the years including the 2004 Top Twenty Obedience winner, Can CH OTCH Kyjurs Show Me Glory, UDX owned and shown by Audrey Peterson. Men- tored by the best, Frank Grover and Peggy Adamson, I have filled my life with the breed. President of an All Breed Club, I teach conformation class every week and have trained National Breed winners in several breeds. I am currently the Educational Materials Chair for the DPCA and past Chair of the Judges Education Committee. I currently serve as a Board Member of DPCA and am recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit. I have judged the breed since 1989 throughout the United States as well as many foreign countries. My professional life was in education and I hold sev- eral graduate degrees including speech language pathol- ogy and audiology and school administration. I retired after 40 years in education as a high school principal of a build- ing of 2200 students and was named administrator of the year in 2012. I spend my time in my art studio surrounded by Dobermans as I work to produce bronze art that repre- sents our breed and strive daily at maintaining a single-digit golf handicap. COLLEEN NICHOLSON I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and work full-time as a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway. My Family and I owned a full service, 65 Run Boarding kennel that we managed for 25 years before I became a Realtor. I have been breed- ing, handling and showing Dobermans for over 35 years. In my 20s and 30s, I showed breeds in all seven groups. In January 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage three breast can- cer. My mindset through my treatments was to show at our Doberman National in October 2009. It was tough but I was fortunate to win Best of Breed at that show. It was a trium- phant moment in my passion for Dobermans as well as fight- ing breast cancer. I now serve as a mentor throughout the U.S. for breast cancer women to help them through their treatment. I enjoy spending time with my two daughters, my family and friends who also share my passion for this great breed. 1. Your opinion of the current quality of purebred dogs in general, and your breed in particular. PD: I believe the quality of purebred dogs is improving. People are more educated these days, as information is readily available and easily shared. Though these years

books. Also as all my friends know, I love to go to movies! Not scary ones and, really, you can keep all the romance stuff too. I love action and some comedy. Also home projects are a favorite of mine. I did a redo on a house I now rent to my grandsons; it was an adventure! In the mid 1960s I was an admirer, then an owner, then a breeder, then a handler and now a judge! I have been on all sides of this wonderful breed. Unlike many breeds, they are not all the same; however, there are many of the same characteristics that do come up. I have raised my daughter and grandsons with this breed and while I cannot say that all Dobermans would be wonderful with children, mine certainly were. I was in my late teens when I discovered dog shows and Dobermans. Then I was referred to Pat and Judy Doniere, Toledobes. I am sure they thought we were nuts because the drive to their residence was actu- ally 1 1/2 hours but it took us about three hours to get to their place, (not any voice directional devices in those days) but actually it may have been longer! We toured the city of Toledo and then some! So we arrived very late, but they let us in and we remained friends from that day on. I learned so much from them and am happy to share some of this knowledge about this great breed with you. CINDI HUCKFELT When not living in my motorhome, I reside in Torrington, Wyoming. Outside of dogs, I like to watch sports, shop, clean and hang with my family. DOUGLAS JENSEN

Dobermans are our only breed and have been for over 40 years. Breeding under the kennel name of Cedar Knoll, my wife Cheryl and I, have bred and co-bred Dobermans since 1975 includ- ing partnerships with Kyjur, (Tama “Talkington” Johnson) and most recent- ly with Gallant (Mona Fasth), Ciden


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