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I’ve always lived in the northeast, but in the last few years, I moved to west central Florida. Dogs encompass the majority of my life and I’ve expand- ed what I do with them. In the last few years, I’ve gone outside of conformation


and have taken up Agility. I’ve been breeding and showing my dogs in conformation for 36 years, running my dogs in Agility for three years and have been judging for 18 years. FAYE STRAUSS I’ve been in the dog world and showing for over 30 years. I’ve been a judge for 20 years.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I retired July 31st after 30 years in private practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist. I have had Dobermans for 32 years, shown for 32 years and judged for 11 years. BONNIE

ROBERT L. VANDIVER I live in Simpsonville, South Caro- lina. I am retired as an executive of a fortune 500 Engineering company. Activities outside of dogs include fit- ness training and indulging in my tech toys. The first dog that we showed was


I live in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Outside of dogs I read, knit, crochet, grow orchids and shop. I purchased my first show puppy in 1969 and began judging in 1982. DR. MAY JACOBSON

a Wire Fox Terrier purchased in 1967. We purchased our first show Doberman in 1968. It was all Dobermans after that.

1. Describe the breed in three words. MB: Energetic, watchful and fearless BLC: Physically—square, medium size and elegant; mentally—loyal, obedient and alert. MJ: Courageous, loyal and a family dog. LK: In words not in the standard, but in more personal terms from living with them over the years, my three words (plus a bonus word) are athlete, brilliant, humor- ous and devoted. RV: Muscular, square and sound. Breed character can be described in three words as a young Clint Eastwood.

I live in Sudbury, Massachusetts and am a medical staff member in the Department of Orthopedics at Chil- dren’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I purchased my first Dobe 54 years ago and have been owner-han- dling and breeding under Chalmar since then. I started judging in the late 70s.

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