Top Notch Toys - September 2021

by Bonnie Guggenheim, TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor TOY TALK ETCETERA BREEDING GREAT DOGS IS A CREATIVE ART FORM

T he art of breeding good dogs is like any other art form; it takes time to learn. It also requires a devotion to what you feel is ideal based on the AKC Standard, strong determination, and the ability to interpret what your pedigree consists of. You also need to be able to apply your knowledge to the actual dog. In other words, to see the beau- tiful “art” you’ve created in the ring. Hopefully, winning! The successful breeder does not breed for financial gain. Instead, breeding is done for the genuine love of dogs, breeding as closely to the standard as possible, and for the satisfaction of accomplishment when observing a healthy, happy litter. It is so important to choose breeding stock with knowl- edge and to breed the individual female with the stud dog that is most likely to correct her faults. Breeders must be- come absolutely familiar and knowledgeable regarding the fundamental laws and principles of genetics, and with the

pedigrees they are working with. It is the wise breeder who has actually seen the dogs in the pedigree—and not just in photographs. Good luck with your next litter!


2.Most dogs carry a recessive gene for nearly any fault. 3. Undesirable traits may remain hidden and can ap- pear when least expected. 4. Never forget that type, personality, markings, and temperament are inherited. 5. Puppies usually resemble the whole pedigree more than just the sire or dam. 6. You may have success through half-brother/sister breedings by doubling up on the traits you desire. 7. If you are working with an outcross, they should have good physical structure and no major faults. I’m always ready to talk Toys because inquiring minds want to know about your wins, and your plans! I’m here to help you showcase your next big winner. So call, text or email.

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