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of the entire dog—how much good is there here?” We can definitely learn a lot from this statement, because it has such a huge impact, especially with Toy breeds where qualities have to be looked at first. It is so hard to breed these little ones that the expectations to promote important breed qualities is a must.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Joao Machado and I was born in Vitoria/ES-Brazil, graduated in both English & Portuguese Languages with a Master’s Degree in Business Ad- ministration. In the 1990s, I started to become familiar with dogs, when I got from my father a German Shepherd pup- py. Since then, I have been involved with many other breeds, and most recently—in 2015—I started with Chihuahuas. As far as I can remember, I have always been an animal lover. My interest has always been drawn to Toy and Terrier breeds. My affix Chihuahuas are one of my favorite breeds! That’s the reason why I have chosen them to be part of my fam- ily as a breeder and exhibitor. I’m glad when I can put up one in the very competitive Toy Group compe- tition. By the complexity of breed- ing them, good ones always deserve special attention!

When I judge Chihuahuas, or when I have opportunities to share in- formation with new judges or ap- plicants, I always like to emphasize the following: Do not place extreme emphasis on the head. Judge the whole dog! Although one of the distinctive fea- tures of the Chihuahua is its small size, the importance of that feature is in comparison with other breeds, not in relation to other Chihuahuas. Size does not indicate weight; some little dogs weigh heavy, some large ones, very light. Although the condition of the dogs is a consideration, if they are six pounds and under, no preference should be given to size, no matter how large or small. When judging the Chihuahua, ex- cept for disqualifications and serious faults, one fault is no worse than an- other; a better approach is to add up the good qualities and discern which dog is closest to the ideal. If instead, the judge focuses on faults, the dog that wins may have fewer faults, but it may not have the most desirable qual- ities, and it may not be the best dog in the ring. I have loved for years what Mr. Rich- ard Beauchamp once said: “It can be just as serious a mistake for a judge to reward a dog for a lone virtue as it is for him to dismiss a dog for a single fault. While that virtue may be important to an individual breeding program, it is the judges’ responsibility to reward the dog that possesses the most of the best. Qualities—like their opposites, faults—must be viewed in the context Judging Chihuahuas Judge: Joao Machado evaluating two SC Chihuahuas on the table. Photo: Sandi Olkkola Photography

is called HYLAND and it is a small, private, home kennel located in Houston, Tex- as. The kennel was formed in 1999 in Brazil, when I got my first pedigree/show dog. Breeding is, for me, a form of art, an endless pursuit of excellence and beauty. The passion for blending bloodlines and trying to produce an animal that will take my breath away is a “fire” that will burn inside of me for the rest of my life, for sure. Hyland Kennel, since its beginning, has strived to breed sound dogs of exceptional temperament with an emphasis on breed type. All of our dogs are home-raised and are pets first, but have also enjoyed an abundance of success in the show rings. Currently, I am the President of Houston Chihuahua Club for the second year in a row. Throughout the years as an active member, I have held many other positions such as President of the Santos Kennel Club and Vice President of the Kennel Club Capixaba, both important local all-breed clubs in Brazil. I have been involved with showing dogs, attending both specialties and all-breed dog shows, in Brazil, Austria, France, Germany, and the US. I was admitted into the FCI judging board since 2009, and as an approved Toy Judge, I have judged in several states in Brazil, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Ja- pan, Australia, and the US. I am currently approved for the Toy, Terrier, and Herd- ing Groups, half of the Non-Sporting Group, and twoWorking breeds. I have had the honor and pleasure of judging Chihuahuas since 2009 when I got my first approved breeds under the FCI system. In reality, a very interesting fact is that the first dog I ever judged was a Smooth Coat Chihuahua, in my first judging assignment in the city of Joinville, SC/Brazil. I couldn’t have imagined that destiny would drawme to this amazing breed many years later. In 2018, I got voted by the membership to judge the Chihuahua Club of America Regional Specialty. That was, for sure, one of the greatest, prestigious honors I have had as a judge, i.e., judging in the most important worldwide show of my breed! I am currently an active member of the following breed clubs: • Chihuahua Club of America—AKCDelegate, Judges Ed. Chair, and Approved Seminar Presenter; • Houston Chihuahua Club—President; • Toy Club of Greater Houston—Vice-President; • Houston Kennel Club—Member.

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