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IrIsh setter Club of AmerICA foundAtIon

By Anne Marie Kubacz, LVT ISCA Health Chair

I n 2000, recognizing the need to take care of their own, Irish Setter Club of America Foun- dation was established by its parent club, the Irish Setter Club of America (ISCA). Set up as a tax exempt public charity under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) the Founda- tion was initially funded with a $50,000 contribution from ISCA Health Com- mittee funds and $40,000 from the Vir- ginia Hardin Trust. Th e Foundation con- tinues to grow today with donations from its membership. Th e Foundation Board of Directors consists of twelve Direc- tors; all are ISCA members, all require ISCA board approval and four are elected annually by the Foundation for three year terms. Th e Foundation also main- tains an Advisory Committee, selected by the ISCA Foundation Board to serve at its discretion. Health related projects are admin- istered through the parent club Health Committee with the consent of the ISCA Foundation Board. In much the same fashion, rescue and rehabilitation grants are administered through the Rescue Committee with the consent of the ISCA Foundation Board.

Our Purpose t 1SPNPUF UIF QVCMJDT LOPXMFEHF BOE appreciation of dogs in general and the Irish Setter in particular. t 4VQQPSU UIF TUVEZ PG BOE SFTFBSDI PO diseases and genetic anomalies which a ff ect the Irish Setter. t %FWFMPQBOENBLFBWBJMBCMFJOGPSNBUJPO about the proper care, health, breeding, development and training of Irish Setters. t 1SPWJEFGVOEJOHGPSSFTDVFBOESFIBCJMJ - tation of displaced Irish Setters. t 1SPWJEF DPMMFHF TDIPMBSTIJQT UP VOEFS - graduates and to veterinary students. Foundation fundraising has several e ff orts each year: a very popular annual calendar, an after-party following Veteran Sweepstakes at the National specialty with silent auction, and an annual ra ffl e drawn at the National. Understanding the impor- tance of this Foundation, club members are generous with year-end donations and many have left signi fi cant bequeaths in their Wills. Th e ISCA Foundation, in conjunction with the ISCA Health Committee, have been leaders in advancing research regard- ing common diseases of the Irish Setter. We have a strong partnership with the AKC Canine Health Foundation, most

recently becoming a Champion Spon- sor of the AKC CHF Bloat initiative. We also sponsor grants for research on HOD, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, lympho- ma, the use of probiotics in treatment of Irritable Bowel Disease, and Incontinence. In 2012 the Foundation, in conjunction with OFA, conducted a health survey to determine what breed speci fi c health chal- lenges we need to focus on in the future. In keeping with its purpose to promote education and knowledge, the Foundation provides funds to sponsor the speakers at the annual National Health Seminar and Breeders Seminar. At every National the Foundation also provides a clinic where PVSCSFFEDBOCFUFTUFEGPS13"SDE 13" rcd4, thyroid disease. Free DNA collec- tions via blood samples are o ff ered and then stored in the OFA CHIC DNA database, and titre testing for distemper and parvovi- SVTJTPêFSFEWJB%S3PO4DIVMU[TMBC Th rough the leadership of Foundation president Connie Vanacore, the ISCA Foundation has been heralded for its vision in supporting so many aspects that bene fi t the Irish Setter. Other breeds may learn from this model and explore the possibility of creating a Foundation to the advantage their breed.

“The ISCA Foundation, in conjunction with the ISCA Health Committee, hAve been leAders In AdvAnCIng reseArCh regArdIng Common dIseAses of the IrIsh setter.”


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