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“An outgoing, stable temperament is the essence of the Irish Setter...”

there and examine it. We always laugh- ingly say if you talk to a pup, you could end up wearing it! Remember, this breed’s standard calls for a rollicking personality and it is likely you will see it more than once during a day’s judging. Frequently when moving an Irish pup, it forgets its party manners, just be patient and say, “Go again please.” Personality: An outgoing, stable tem- perament is the essence of the Irish Setter, timidity shyness or hostility are unchar- acteristic of the breed and are not to be rewarded. Th ere is nothing like a National for total immersion. Entries are in very good numbers at our National, and we have a two-day Judges Ed. program with class- room experience, hands-on and ringside mentors for Best of Breed. Th is experience is where the written word comes alive. We have multiple specialties across the country, and can almost always arrange for ringside mentors. We have two fi eld

events: the National Hunting Test coupled with Th e National Walking Field Trial and the breed’s Fall National Field Trial. Come and join us and watch form and function work together. My book shelves are stu ff ed with books of breeds I judge, am researching or just want to know about. Two books come immediately to mind to help sort out the Irish Setter: Th e Essence of Setters: An In- Depth Study of the Four Setters by Marsha Hall Brown and Th e O ffi cial Book of the Irish Setter by Connie Vanacore. For further information on our breed, visit our website BIO Karolynne McAteer is a second gen- eration Irish Setter breeder and AKC sporting dog judge. She has bred her own Red Barn line since the 1970s and exhibits her dogs in both conformation and the field. She is the AKC Delegate for Irish Setters.


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