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Keeshond were originally farm dogs throughout Europe. They performed the tra- ditional roles of farm dogs by keeping watch over the farm, alerting to strangers, acting as playmates for children, hunting vermin, and herding livestock. Imagine the surprise of Keeshond owners when their clubs hosted Herding Instinct Tests and their dogs actually showed an interest in sheep! In 2011, Majik Kees Chocolate Mystic Mint RN, NA, NAJ, NT, HTAD, earned the first Keeshond HCT (Herding Capability Test). Canine Assisted Therapy for Stuttering is a newer treatment for those who suffer from stuttering. It is a common disorder that affects five percent of children. Margaret Griffo is a retired speech and hearing therapist who has used dogs in her work and noticed the connec- tion between patients and dogs. Margaret realized that the reasons dogs worked so well with her patients was due to their non-judgmental nature. People are judg- mental, dogs are not, and those who struggle with fluency know the difference. Margaret and her Keeshond, “Waverly,” became a reg- istered Pet Partners@team in 2013. Margaret says, “Waverly makes great eye contact, is very patient and always comforting. Most impor- tantly, there is no time pressure. She is happy to wait for the complete command. To Waverly, words are important but fluency isn’t.” None of these stories will be a surprise to those who know the breed well. Keeshonden have an internal wellspring of joy and trust that they are willing to share with anyone who has the time to listen.

Keeshond Can Do It!

Obedience and Agility

Rally, Agility, Nosework, Barn Hunt, and Dock Diving

Reference: The Stuttering Foundation Newsletter, Winter 2016

Herding, Farm Dog, Tracking, Trick Dog

BIO Deborah Lynch was the first Executive Vice President of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. She

served in that role from its founding in 1995 until 2003. Debbie has a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Administration from Case Western Reserve University and has worked with several nonprofits in mission development and strategic planning, including United Way Services, the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at CWRU, and Ursuline College. She is a member of the Buckeye Keeshond Club and the Keeshond Club of America, and has served on its Board of Directors and as President. She has served as the Keeshond Breed Columnist for the AKC Gazette for 25 years. Under the Foxfair prefix with her partner, Jeanne Buente, Debbie has bred over 30 AKC champions. She has judged her breed in the United States and in England, and is currently working as a writer and consultant. Debbie lives with her family and Keeshonden in Parrish, Florida.

Fast CAT

Therapy, Canine Good Citizen, Service Dog, and Dancing with Dogs


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