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treats the lacerations on the doe’s leg while the dog maintains his dominant stance over his victim. Th e wire is cut and the doe is released to join her dappled youngster, standing trembling some distance away, frightened and bewildered by a seem- ingly mad dog and a man who somehow extricates his mother relatively unharmed, from this horror that he has witnessed. As the pair nuzzles each other for comfort, the doe glances over her shoulder once and then leads her baby deep into the protec- tion of the forest, white tails flashing as they quickly vanish. Th eir freedom is elu- sive. It will be jeopardized again. At the appropriate moment, the dog steps away and unnervingly fixes menac- ing eye contact on his captive. Th e game- keeper, with the able assistance of his night dog, will lead the poacher at gun- point to the local law enforcement and subsequent imprisonment. Th e poacher has met the Night Dog. His family will su ff er the consequences of this fateful night. As the years progress the Night Dog will become a breed with a name, maintaining his development and proud heritage with England. Imposing, majestic and extraordinary, the Bullmasti ff will come of age. He will captivate, charm, and amaze us with his magnificence. His protection and security for the future will be our passion and purpose.

“THE DOG DOES NOT WAIT FOR A SIGNAL. All of his senses are heightened, instinct awakens, and bright images flash intensely in his mind, as he rockets into the woods.”

and steal the master’s wildlife is a daunting challenge, but one easily faced by these two companions. Both are intuitively aware of each others gestures and body language. Moving aggressively now along the trail, they search and listen for the clues that will warn them of the danger and trespass of a stranger. Th e poacher is often a desper- ate man. Penniless and with many hungry mouths at home, he must invade the sanc- tuary of the estate lands to find and kill game to feed a starving family. Th e unfor- giving manor lord is not willing to share his bounty, the wild creatures being his for sport shooting. Ignoring the inevitable tragedy of the situation, the pair forges onward, listening and probing the forest for signs of an intruder. Shortly, they both detect the obvious sounds of an animal in distress. Th e bleating and thrashing in the distant thickets is unmistakable. Th e dog does not wait for a signal. All of his sens- es are heightened, instinct awakens, and bright images flash intensely in his mind, as he rockets into the woods. With incred- ible fleetness and agility, combined with a remarkably stealthy footfall, he interrupts the impending butchery. Th e poacher is unaware of his assailant, he being crouched over the body of a young doe caught in a wire leg snare. Th e doe thrashes helplessly on her side, moaning, ribs heaving, and with one knee on her neck for control, the poacher raises a dirty, encrusted knife pre- paring to sever her throat. Without warning, a dark projec- tile slams the thief to the ground with enormous force, the knife thrust from

his hand. Th ere was no sound and there was no time to flee. On his back, rotting teeth exposed as he attempts a ragged scream, the poacher stares straight into the black eyes of a demon. Th e dog mas- terfully straddles his opponent and heavily breathes hot moist air from his huge lungs onto the terrified face. Wide panting jaws slowly drip saliva, mixing with facial grime and forming ragged streaks of filth that crisscross the disheveled features of his vic- tim. Large teeth are defined behind black lips and a pink tongue hangs precariously close to exposed skin. Panic obliterates the poacher’s mind and leaves him breathless with fear. A moment later, the gamekeeper has reached the scene. He extracts a special potion from his knapsack and skillfully

“Without warning, a dark projectile slams the thief to the ground with enormous force, the knife thrust from his hand. THERE WAS NO SOUND AND THERE WAS NO TIME TO FLEE.”


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