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Official Standard of the Grand Basset Griffon Vend é en General Appearance: The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen is a well-balanced, strongly built, rough-coated scent hound of friendly and noble character. He is of medium size with straight legs, deep chest. He is longer than he is tall with a moderately long muzzle, long ears and a long tail. His neck is moderately long and strong, noble head with a mustache and beard, surmounted with protective long eyebrows. His structure was designed to hunt rabbit and hare at a fast pace through the bramble, and over the rough terrain of the Vendee area of France. He is a courageous, passionate and broadly skilled hunter who today is used to hunt not only rabbit and hare but also boar and roe deer. He is active, possessing great stamina for a full days’ hunt and uses his voice freely while on the trail. Any feature that detracts from function is a serious fault. Size, Proportion, Substance: Height – typically 15½ to 18 inches. Proportion – longer than tall as measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks. Never square nor long and low. Substance – in balance with the whole; strongly built and well boned without exaggeration. Firmly muscled, built for endurance and parts in harmony. Never clumsy. Head: Expression – noble with a proud head carriage. Eyes convey an intelligent, warm and friendly character. Eyes – large, dark and oval in shape, of the same color, showing no white; haw not visible. Rims fully pigmented. Ears – supple, narrow and fine, ending in an oval shape, draping and folding inwards. Leathers are covered with long hair and reaching at least to the end of the nose. Set on low, below the line of the eye. Viewed from the side, ears should form a corkscrew shape when the dog is relaxed. Skull – domed, not heavy and not too wide; it is longer than it is wide. Occipital bone well developed. Muzzle – preferably slightly longer from tip of nose to stop than from stop to occiput. The bridge of the nose is slightly roman and in profile finishes square at its extremity. Lips well-pigmented, covered with long hair forming beard and mustache. Bite – is a scissors bite, with a level bite tolerated. Stop – clearly defined; well chiseled under the eyes. Nose – large, protruding with open nostrils. Solid black except in white/orange and hite/lemon coats where brown is accepted. Underjaw – strong and well- developed. Neck, Topline, Body: Neck – strong and far reaching, thicker at the base, without excessive throatiness. Topline – from behind withers to rump is level with slight rise over well muscled loin. Body – well developed, sturdy and broad, with deep forechest and prominent sternum. Depth of chest reaches to elbows, ribs well sprung extending well back. Loin well muscled and of moderate length. Belly never tucked up. Tail – rather long, reaching to the hock. Set on high, thick at the base, tapering gradually, well furnished with hair, carried proudly like a saber or slightly curved but never kinked, curled too far over the back, gay or bent at the tip. Tail is never docked. Feet – large, oval and tight. Pads firm and solid. Nails strong and short. Forequarters: Shoulders clean and sloping. Well laid back. Length of shoulder blades approximately equal to length of upper arm. Withers very slightly prominent. Elbows close to the body, turning neither in nor out. Forelegs from front, straight and well-boned. In profile, set well

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