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under body. Dewclaws on forelegs and hind legs may be removed. Pasterns strong and slightly sloping. Hindquarters: Well boned, strong and muscular, with moderate bend of stifle and a well- defined second thigh. Hips wide. Hocks turning neither in nor out. Coat: Harsh and straight with undercoat. Not too long, fringing not too abundant. Never silky or wooly. Hair from bridge of nose fans up between the eyes without obscuring the eyes; this protective hair along with shielding eyebrows is an indispensable characteristic of the breed. No blunt scissoring, maintaining a casual appearance. Hounds should be shown clean. Color: Tri-color: white with any other colors, Bi-color: white with any other color, or Black and Tan. Solid not allowed. Gait: Clean, balanced and efficient. Free and easy at all speeds. Front action straight and reaching well forward. Going away, the hind legs are parallel and have great drive. Convergence of the front and rear legs towards his center of gravity is proportional to the speed of his movement. Temperament: Pack hound, friendly, not easily agitated by others. Temperament is happy, outgoing, independent. A little stubborn, yet willing to please. Disqualifications: Solid color.

Approved October 28, 2011 Effective January 1, 2014

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