Showsight Presents The Affenpinscher

garnered a Regular Toy Group 1, two Group 2’s, one Group 3 and three Group 4s. As of July 30, 2017, in Nation- al Owner Handler Series (NOHS) com- petition, she’s accrued five Reserve Bests in Show, eight Group 1s, eleven Group 2s, five Group 3s and three Group 4s. She was Best Owner Handler and Select Bitch at the 2017 National Championship NOHS and Breed shows, respectively, and made the final cut in the National Championship NOHS Toy group. All of this was achieved in about 30 weekends spread over two years, with twice taking time off for maternity leave. Not bad for the little silver Affen with “four on the floor.” So what made the difference? Like Sharon’s approach with Jag, I focused on building a bond with Sally and learn- ing her likes and dislikes. We started out by just walking everywhere—on trails, around the neighborhood and even- tually at outdoor malls. This enabled me to gauge her reaction to different situations and learn what was needed to help her cope with them. When it was clear she was pushed past her comfort zone, I’d pick her up and cod- dle her as opposed to pushing her to power through the situation. This let her know that I could be trusted to “have her back” when she needed me to be there. Weekly training class enabled me to assess how she felt about tables, noise and strange dogs and people “invading her space.” It became evident that what she needed most of all was to feel secure enough to relax. By focusing on me, she tuned out the commotion that stressed her out. That focus enabled judges to see her wonderful conformation, move- ment and beautiful little “monkey face.” Her slogan became “Ride, Sally, Ride” and ride she did! So what’s next? We’re going to explore Rally and Barn Hunt, as Sally has a high prey drive just like Jag. I’m not sure where Sally will take me but I’m just enjoying the ride. The key point to Jag and Sally’s story is—don’t give up, just find what makes your Affen tick. This is a versatile breed whose size doesn’t limit its abilities. Each dog has a distinctive personality that you need to take the time to figure out and look for a “connection.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Champion Ferlin’s Mustang Sally, #1 NOHS Affen 2016, 2017 and Lifetime (AKC stats as of 8/12/17) and #9 All Breed Affen for 2016, two years ago

graciously allowed me to take on the challenge. Our journey began in April 2015. After spending six weeks getting to



no one ever thought she’d achieve this kind of success. You see, Sally was a reluctant show dog and, at 20 months old, was on the verge of being placed as a pet. Not wanting to see a lovely exam- ple of the breed taken out of a breed- ing program or the show ring, I asked Linda if I could make her my “project.” She and co-breeder Sharon Boyd

know each other, Sally started her show career with me by going Best of Breed for her first two points. Two months later she took three Group 2s, a Group 1 and a Best in Show at an IBACA clus- ter, finishing her International Cham- pionship in one weekend. Six weeks later she completed her AKC Champion- ship. In limited showing in 2016, Sally


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