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SK: I think that this breed is headed in the right direction right now. I do fear that sometimes breeders only want size in their puppies (to the detriment of other good traits). SS: The only exaggeration has been imposed by many judges. The standard has a long explanation of markings, mostly because the Bernese has a complicated marking pattern and it takes a lot of words to describe. This does not make it a “Marked Breed”, like a Saint Bernard is a “Head Breed”. Markings are the icing on the cake; when I get down to two dogs of equal type, soundness and correct moderate reach and drive, then I may consider markings. DW: I think the greatest exaggerated trait would be heavy, bulky, giant breed dog features. This is a large breed dog

with moderate angulation. The Bernese should not be clumsy or bulky, nor should it be too racy or lean.

4. Do you think the dogs you see in this breed are better now than they were when you first started judging? Why or why not? DD: We have many more decent dogs, but fewer really outstanding dogs. We have so many that are decent all- around dogs, but have lost the outline and carriage that a really beautiful Bernese can have. JH: Our dogs have improved immensely, particular in head type. Good sturdy bone has improved where years ago we lacked bone. Breeders are to be commended for breeding a better dog that is more uniform in size.

“THE BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSION, THE BEAUTIFUL MODERATE LENGTH COAT AND THE HARMONIOUS BALANCE of The enTire dog are The Things ThaT i look for in This breed.” 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& + 6/& t

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