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Let’s meet some other Performance Akitas, according to their owners. FOREST & DOROTHY CARROLL-MOORS “Forest” is best described as a

“Roxy,” as a Veteran, earned her Rally Advanced Title at the 2023 Akita National. Roxy has always loved to show and go to Meet the Breed events, like at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival. She is also a certified Therapy Dog. It never occurred to me that she would love to do other things like Rally. Obedi- ence isn’t as fun to her (although she earned her first leg of Beginner Novice Obedience at the National), because she loves the verbal interac-

part-time working dog. In other words... when he feels like it. We made our first attempt at the Mission Circuit shows where the judge was unfortunately deeply concerned about the Akita in his ring that was about to be taken off-lead. This was despite sit- ting outside the ring for an hour

tions Rally encourages. Because she seems to really enjoy going to class and working towards different titles, we will keep at it. Our next big goal is earning a CD. CORRA & KATE MANGUBAT

and a half, and Forest was graciously greeting anyone who approached. It was a warm afternoon and it was naptime. He decided he liked the center of the ring so well that he would just stay there. Not a qualifying round. The next try, at the Akita Pre-National, Forest again sat and stayed beautifully for his recall. When called, he slowly sauntered over as if he was very busy, and sat too far away to qualify. The third try at the National was a charm. While he was busy looking for girls, he still heeled adequately, actu- ally came (no one said he had to be speedy), sat right in front of me, and put his paw up as if to say, “Am I done now? And a treat would be good.” The challenge is to both the exhibitor and our special dogs. They are as smart as they have to be and as dumb as they can get away with. I look forward to our new adventure

“Corra’s” journey to obtaining her Scent- work HD Novice title is a typical Akita train- ing story. She asked why she had to do this thing, then did it when she felt like it. We were mentored by ACPS Vice President Tom Knoe- bel, watched a few YouTube videos, and tried to make it as exciting as possible. Convincing Corra that finding my smelly sock would result in a treat was not the hardest part— that was keeping her from destroying the scent boxes! It

took about three tries for her to learn this activity. She completed her Scentwork Handler Discrimination Trial 1 at Monroe, Washington (2nd place), Trial 2 (1st place), and Trial 3 (1st place) at the Akita National. Key takeaway: make it exciting and trust your Akita. YETI & ILKA WAGNER

together in Obedience and Rally. BUDDY & ANITA PALMER

The 2023 Akita National was the venue where I decided to take the jump into Rally with one of my Akitas. “Yeti” received a score of 93 and 1st place in our first attempt at Rally Nov- ice. I could not have been more proud of him! Two years ago, at the Akita National, he earned his CGCA, CGCU, and TKN, and I realized how much fun it was to work as a team with him in something other than Conformation. I have been contemplating doing performance work

“Buddy” is our fourth male Akita and our third champion. Buddy is working both sides of the dog show world; he is a champion in Conformation and is now start- ing to compete in performance events. He is very enthusiastic and we look forward to learning and

working together as a team. At the Akita National, Buddy qualified in Beginner Novice Obedience as well as Rally. He also earned his Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU) title. DEVYLLE & HEATHYR AGUILAR “DeVylle” happily competed in

for years, but just didn’t quite have the right Akita to do this with... or maybe, I just didn’t have the gumption to try. I chose Yeti to start work- ing in performance because he is so biddable. If he knows what you would like him to do, he will do it, and he will do it with enthusiasm! He is just happy to be doing something with his mom. Treats are great, but praise is just as good. He is so willing to try new things and I love seeing his big smile when we get it right. He seems to know when we are spot on with a trick or a new Rally sign. In true Akita spirit, after we have done some- thing three or four times, we have to move on to another challenge; but I like this about the breed. They are easily bored with things, so we have to keep on our toes to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. Yeti makes this easy for me. Something new… let’s do it, mom! I have the performance bug now and plan on getting some of my other kiddos out as well.

Beginner Novice Obedience and Rally Novice. She earned her Rally Novice Title at the Akita National, and on the same day she went on to be awarded a 5-pt. major as Win- ners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Pre-National. We couldn’t be prouder of this young girl and look forward to a bright future.

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