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winner. I was hooked from there and my days of showing horses was over. My husband Bill & I have bred over 50 AKC conforma- tion champions and numerous performance titled dogs. We are firm believers in the saying “A well balanced dog has a title at both ends.” To this day, I consider earning my first UD one of the highlights of my time in dogs. People have asked me which is easier a UD or a CH. I assure you it’s a Championship! I have enjoyed judging dogs and have been honored to judge all over the US as well as in China and Australia. In our lives away from the shows I work as an Emergen- cy Room nurse and Bill is a helicopter pilot in the TX Army National Guard. I currently live in Georgetown, TX now, but I’ve lived in many parts of the country over the years. What do you do “outside” of dogs? I’ve been an RN for 29 years the last 10 in the Emergency Room. I am now semi-retired and loving it! How many years in dogs? I’ve had dogs all my life Showing? 32. Judging? 10.

I grew up with wonder- ful parents who despite our families constant moving (I’m an Army brat) allowed me and my 4 siblings to have numer- ous pets. We grew up with miniature Dachshunds, a Ger- man Shepherd, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses and even pet ducks. I started showing in 1984 in obedience with my Lab Ret.

A couple years later I was at an obedience trail with my Labrador I started talking to the owner of a cute litter of Pembroke puppies. That chance meeting brought the little dog that would eventually become a multiple BIS & BISS

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