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CHERYL ROLFE In 1991, I discov- ered the Swedish Vallhund through a GSD breeder friend of mine. I got my first Vallhund that year and have been continuously owned by Vall- hunds since. In the years prior to AKC recognition, I suc- cessfully competed in all of the rare breed venues finish- ing many champions and winning multiple BIS including the SVCA National Specialty Show. Since our breed was officially recognized by AKC in June 2007, My dogs have earned many Ch & GCh titles including the 1st Silver GCh. We have also earned Performance and Companion titles, including; RA, CGCA, TDI, RATO, BN, THDN, HCTs, VSV & 4 ROMs so far. I showed the first SV to win BOB at Westminster and have won BOB at the Eukanuba National Championship show with 2 of his sons. I have served on the SVCA Board of Directors several times over the years as, President, or, as a Director and was on the original committee that wrote (adopted) the Breed Stan- dard. At present, I am the JE Committee Chair, a Regional Director and also, sit on the Rescue & Awards Committees for the SVCA. I am committed to the promotion, protection and preser- vation of this wonderful little herding breed. I live in Lake City, FL on 21 acres with my husband of 21 yrs, 9 Vallhunds ranging from 15 months to 14+yrs, 4 horses, 6 cows & 2 birds. I have worked at a Vet Clinic for the past 17 yrs. Outside of dogs and work is taking care of the farm and running our raw dog food business. I have been “in” dogs (mostly GSDs) all my life. First as just pets, then Obedience and helping a friend whose mother showed Afghan Hounds. I started showing my own dogs in the ‘80s and bred, showed and trained GSDs in Conformation, Obedience, Tracking and Search and Rescue until 2008. I got my first Vallhunds in 1991 and began showing in the Rare Breed venues at that time. I am not a judge but have judged Hound & Herding Breeds, Groups & BIM at Matches.

2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? DB: Good temperament is always number one on my list. They are an alert and friendly breed, never shy or vicious. Next I want the correct outline, slightly longer than tall, with a level back. Finally I want correct movement. They are a Herding breed so they should be sound, with good reach and drive. CR: Soundness (Mind & Body)—they should look, and act, like they are capable of doing the job(s) they were bred to do. Breed Type—they should have proper proportions, substance, size, coat and coloration. Appeal—they should present a pleasing impression with a kind expression and attitude. 3. What do you feel the average judge misunderstands about the Swedish Vallhund? DB: They should be balanced and athletic. They are not a tall, smooth coated, grey Pembroke or a miniature Elkhound. They are well boned and solidly built. They are not necessarily a showy breed and can be quite aloof toward strangers (ie. judges) so don’t expect them all to stand there and bait all day. I’m hearing complaints from breeders that they feel judges are leaning toward over sized and too long. Remember the 2:3 body ratio. CR: They are small cattle heelers, not little sled dogs, or fly- ing trotters. Everything about them is “Moderate”. They

“Good temperAment is AlWAys number one on my list. THEY ARE AN ALERT AND FRIENDLY BREED, NEVER SHY OR VICIOUS.”

1. Describe the breed in three words. DB: Intelligent, athletic and energetic. CR: Sturdy, healthy and fun loving.

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