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should have free movement with good reach and drive for their size, not excessive reach and drive, angulation, or stop. 4. What about the breed makes it a good show dog? A good companion? DB: Some of my friends will tell you they aren’t actually the greatest showdogs! They can be reserved in strange environments and often have their own agenda. They aren’t generally the type breed you are going to hand off to stranger to show. A good companion? They are very devoted to their owners and willing to work. Their size is a plus and they don’t shed that much compared to many heavier coated breeds. They are generally low mainte- nance and don’t require much grooming, which is also a plus for the show ring. They can be quite vocal but that just makes them a good watchdog. This is a breed that needs to be part of a family, not out in a kennel. CR: They are VERY food motivated, which makes them easy to train. They are loving, loyal, nurturing and always ready to go with their people. 5. What advice would you give a novice exhibitor? DB: The same advice I give everyone... HAVE FUN! At the end of the day the only thing that matters is you and your dog. Remember judging is just one persons opinion and what really matters is that you love your dog. Patience is also a virtue. If you are just starting out you and your dog may not be on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done in the ring. Just keep working and it will come. Also, nothing can beat an experienced, suc- cessful mentor. Find a good one and listen to them! “KnoW your doG. their strenGths, WeAKnesses, WhAt mAKes them spArKle, WhAt speed they looK their best At, AND MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!!!”

CR: Know your dog. Their strengths, weaknesses, what makes them sparkle, what speed they look their best at, and most of all have FUN!!! 6. Is there anything else about the breed you’d like to add? If so, please elaborate. DB: A note to fellow judges. This is generally not a “cutsie” or “fancy” breed with lots of hair and showmanship so they are not going to necessarily jump out at you in the group ring. They are an honest, sound, little working dog. Judge them on their virtues. If they fit the standard please reward them. CR: Vallhunds are very pack oriented. They need to have a job, and they need companionship. Doesn’t have to be Herding, Agility, Flyball etc. But, they need to have a job. They excel as Therapy dogs, ball fetchers and playing in the hose. Being your best friend and companion is the best job they can have. They do not do well just being left outside in the yard by themselves. 7. And, for a bit of humor, what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? DB: To me personally, several years ago, when I had long hair, I threw my lead over my neck when I put my dog on the table. When I went to take the dog off the table and pulled it, it somehow got rolled in with my hair and neck- lace. I tugged and tugged which only made it worse. Bob Moore was the judge and at first he gave me that famous Bob Moore scowl, but then he started laughing. He finally suggested someone come in the ring to help me get it undone. When my friend was finally able to get it mostly untangled I did my down and back, minus a good chunk of hair! CR: I once had one of my young bitches get loose from the person holding her ringside and come in the ring, go all the way around by herself and self stack in front of me as if to say, how was that? I don’t need a handler thank you very much.

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