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“Magic”. Photo courtesy of Debbie Christoff, Pawsitive Impressions

I t has often been said that the GSD is second best at everything—second to the Border Collie in Herding, second to the Blood Hound in tracking. What the GSD does best is being the most versatile breed. Th ey are intensely loyal and gentle and extremely intelligent. Additionally, the GSD works Search and Rescue, with the police and military and as guide animals and therapy dogs. HERDING Th ere are two types of herding. Th e C course is a tending course in herding and is a smaller version of the SV’s HGH done internationally. It is meant to simulate the work that dogs perform during the seasonal movement of livestock. It’s a livestock manage- ment type of herding historically done by GSDs and Belgians and Briards. TRACKING It is probably the loneliest performance venue. Th e purpose of a tracking test is to demonstrate the dog’s ability to recognize and follow human scent which is a skill that is useful in the service of mankind. It requires lots of grassy area and dedication during the wee hours of the morning before work or during the day. Th is is done internationally. THE VERSATILITY OF THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG by DR. ZOË BACKMAN

What most breeds do well is protect and train children as seen by “Bully”, owned by Deb and Sully and pictured with their neighbor’s grandson, Connor.

Guy and Bear with Yaya—they were both registered therapy dogs. Bear worked in a nursing home until age 15 and was on TV doing the Protection phase of Working Dog Sport.


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