Showsight Presents The German Shepherd Dog


M y personal journey with German Shep- herd Dogs started when I was around 11 years old. We had a fellow, Jim, who used to help out with the farm chores and the 4H Livestock (horses, cattle and sheep) that I was always buying and selling. Jim owned this great looking dog that would help round up the animals, herd them into the corrals and hold them for medication that we would give. Of course I kept ask- ing to have a dog just like his dog who he called Queenie. Finally Queenie had a litter and my parents told me I could get one of the puppies. I went to Jim’s house and saw 7 of the cutest puppies I had ever seen. Jim had told me they were “Purebred German Shepherd Dogs” but they did not have papers because someone forgot to register the litter. Of course those words meant nothing to me then; however, I had a dog who looked like a German Shepherd Dog and to me she was perfect. So, how does someone pick their first puppy, they were all so cute, lively, friendly and no, my mom would not let me take more than one so I had to choose. Jim suggested that I call them and see which one came to me and I did, they all came running so that didn’t work. Next we tried taking them all to the back porch which was only about two feet o ff the ground but it was still two feet. Th e puppies started looking down, backing up a little after seeing some height di ff erence and that is when I called, a girl perked up, raised her head and took a flying leap o ff that porch, yes, she chose me and my heart was hers forever. I named her Duchess, remember her Dam was Queenie, so it was only fitting to name her Duchess and she spent 15 wonderful years living up to that name and making me smile every single day. Th ere are not many things in life that are

so rewarding as watching a puppy grow up and learn. Th e German Shepherd Puppy has big shoes to fill because truly the Ger- man Shepherd Dog’s role is “To Serve and Protect Mankind” and along the way they will love you forever. Th ere was nothing that Duchess would not try and even more important she would learn from any mistake and never make them again, i.e. one spray from a skunk and she left them alone forever. In fact when she saw a black dog with any white streaks she avoided them too, just You might think that title is a little weird for an article about a German Shepherd Dog, especially a puppy and all the things they can bring to your life but those words are what the look I was given by my very first puppy, who I named Duchess. Here is an example of that look.

A 10-year-old tending sheep.

in case. She was a natural stock dog, she taught me Herding and Tending, all I had to do was watch her and learn when to give the correct commands. Whenever you get to watch a German Shepherd Dog Tend the flock it is truly a wonderful sight. Th eir natural gait coupled with the eye contact to control the flock is true poetry. Th e German Shepherd Dog’s original function was to herd and work. However, the breed is so versatile that most families today use the dog as a family companion and house dog, and also for dog sports in

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