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performance or conformation events. Th e German Shepherd Dog continues to serve the community doing search and rescue work, tracking, as a Seeing Eye dog, a herd- ing dog, a guard dog, a canine police o ffi - cer and in drug detection especially at our nation’s airports. Th e German Shepherd Dog is noted for its aloof, gentle, and lov- ing disposition, making it an excellent breed for families with children. Th is dog’s desire to please humans is legendary and the Ger- man Shepherd Dog can adapt to virtually any living situation, these dogs thrive best when they enjoy daily exercise to maintain their physical and mental fitness. Th e German Shepherd Dog is also a competitor in Worldwide Events. In 2013 along with the celebration of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s Nation- al Specialty and the 100 Year Centennial Celebration, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, aided by its a ffi liate organization the German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog Asso- ciation, will organize a world-class event under the auspices of the international World Union organization, Weltunion der Vereine fuer Deutsche Schaeferhunde (WUSV). We invite you to come and see the world’s largest and most prestigious working dog championship for German Shepherd Dogs. Th e WUSV World Championship is an Olympic world-style event for Ger- man Shepherd Dogs to be held at PPL Park, Philadelphia, PA during the week of

No matter what service the German Shepherd Dog is performing, his real role is that of a family companion. It seems as though his special joy and love is always the children and he is always willing to accept a hug and a kiss.

October 14-20, 2013. German Shepherd Dog and handler teams from thirty or more countries will converge onto the Phil- adelphia site to vie for top honors at this World Championship, held every year in a di ff erent country around the world. Don't miss this opportunity; it will be many years before the Championship is in the United States again! See the amazing ability of the German Shepherd Dog to follow a man's track in an open field. Marvel at the almost mys-

tical connection between handler and dog during a series of complex obedience exercises. Be spellbound by the protective instincts and absolute control shown by the dogs during the protection phase as a mock criminal is brought to justice. Plan to attend the WUSV World Championships and o ff er your support to the dog-handler pairs of Team U.S.A. as they demonstrate their working ability and skills at the new PPL Soccer Stadium in the Philadelphia suburb of Chester. Left to right: Finishing an Obedience Exercise and watching the owner for the next command; An example of the German Shepherd Dog at work—the Weave Poles; The German Shepherd Dog loves to scale walls.

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