Showsight Presents The German Shepherd Dog

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Th e German Shepherd Dog is a natu- ral protector of his family, no training is involved it just happens as though he real- izes it is his job to make certain his fam- ily is safe. Let me tell you a personal story when Bailey, a German Shepherd Champi- on in the AKC Show Ring kept me out of harm’s way. Our car window was smashed and Nicky’s purse was stolen while we were at the Art Gallery. One of the people the police interviewed said here were some boys messing around the building and they ran into the woods across the street. After taking the car home I decided that I would take Bailey and just go back and check out these woods while Nicky stayed home to call the bank and credit card companies. Bailey had no formal tracking training but yet he knew something was lost and he needed to find it. It was not quite dark yet but the Sun was down when Bailey with his head down led us into the woods. All of a sudden his hair on his neck raised and he stopped. No growl, nothing but a

solid stop while he thought about what to do next. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to back out of the woods, walking very slowly backwards and of course I walked backwards with him, my heart pounding. Once out of the woods we headed towards the van and went home. First thing next morning I loaded Bailey in the van and told Nicky we would be right back with her purse, I just knew Bailey was on to something the night before. Into the same

woods we went, Bailey tracking as though he had done this a thousand times and he stopped when he was standing over Nicky’s purse. All of the contents were scattered, but all the credit cards were still there. Th e cash was gone and so was the Tylenol but the Sterling Silver Pill Box that contained the Tylenol was there. Once again Bailey had demonstrated one of the many talents that make the German Shepherd Dog so special. Remember the night before when

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