Top Notch Toys January 2017


This family took me to the vet and was told if they were not going to help me get better, then they should consider putting me to sleep. Instead, they took me home and put me back in the yard where I was wishing I would just go to sleep forever. It was then a miracle happened and my life was about to change for the better, forever. Someone was visiting this family and asked to see me. The family said, “If you want her, take her.” Did I hear cor- rectly? Was I finally going to get out of this prison? Yes, I was. I was taken to a new house, given a warm bath and slept in my very own bed for the first time. I finally was able to see a vet who would take care of me; I had an operation so I could not have any more babies and fixed my teeth that were hurting. It is because of my foster mommy that I look so beautiful today. She rubbed coconut oil on my black hard skin, gave me vita- mins and daily baths, special medicine for my very itchy and allergic skin. And although at the beginning I could only make it five feet, my foster mommy took me on walks every day. Most impor- tantly, I heard kind words for the very first time and slowly, this new feeling of being loved improved my health and demeanor most of all. Usually this would be the happy ending that one looks for, but this is really the beginning. My life really began with my foster mommy and to make it even better, she adopted me and I now have a “furever” home with three Yorkie siblings!

Eva Ortiz and Shelagh

to our lives! Last year, we lost one of our beloved dogs, Lucy, who had been my constant companion. I felt such a deep sense of loss, as did our other two dogs and my husband. I am retired and am devoted to spending my spare time rescuing homeless dogs. My main focus is placing seniors or otherwise hard- to-place dogs in loving forever homes. During my searches and shares last fall, I saw Benji, an elderly, terrified Yorkie who was severely malnourished and neglected, with very sparse body hair and a limp. He was located in a Cali- fornia high kill shelter and I feared for his life. The posting said he was about eight years old and that he might pos- sibly have a broken or injured leg which was why he was limping. I immediately

Thank you YTNR for bringing me into their family and thank you to my foster mommy who became my “Furev- er Mommy” who loves me to the moon

and back. I am saved! 1 ST RUNNER UP “BENJI” by Judy Storkamp

I would like to nominate our Yor- kie Benji (formerly Bobee) for the 16th Annual Smoky Award. I find myself for- ever grateful to the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue and our contact, Patti Kushnir, who was so instrumental in the adoption process and is interested in his life after adoption. More than that, I would like to thank Benji, who has brought an abundance of happiness

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