Top Notch Toys January 2017

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s h e d N o v e m b e r

N U M B E R 4 breed *

all-breed ** N U M B E R 5

GROUP FOUR Judge Dar ry l Vi c e GROUP TWO Judge Lewi s Bayne Special thanks for recognizing Leo’s qualities:

FIRST AWARD OF MERIT AKC Na t i ona l Champi onship

OFA Hips YT-113F28M-VPI • OFA Elbows YT-3L8M28-VPI • OFA Patellas YT-EL8M28-VPI • OFA Cardiac YT-CA352/28M/P-VPI OFA Dentition YT-DE10/28M-VPI • CERF Normal (pending submission) • BILE ACIDS 4 umol/L and 6 umol/L

38 • T op N otch T oys , J anuary 2017

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